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IT"S HERE!!!! B&B BL 2012 LE Pipe**Closed***

Man...this is going to be a long wait. I keep browsing Mark's website. Good thing I'm broke, or this new AD would make me even broker!
The sale will end at midnight EST on the 27th, that's tomorrow gentlemen. So if your riding a fence its time to get in.:sailor:
Here's a couple of pix of Mark at work in his shop, I thought you guys might like. Perhaps we'll see some of our bowls as they come off the saw or lathe but no promises. I let Mark know we're happiest letting him work.


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Congratulations guys, very nice looking. I hope you all enjoy this. I don't have this AD, though the few memories I have of my mother's dad is of his woodworking and his pipe. I actually have his pipe and Flare Tip in a shadow box and was given a free sample of pipe tobacco from Dream Castle to put in with it.
I'll check with Jim to see if there have been any last minute PM's and tell you what we've got.
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On another note, 25 is a pretty awesome number. Very limited and a beautiful round number to boot. We're in very exclusive company here, fellas, and I can't wait until we can start comparing notes!
I am already researching which tobacco will be the first one in this pipe. I am thinking about maybe Solani 656.
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