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The Soap Opera - Himalaya and Shea Butter

Last year I had just started my acquisition disorder, and stopped into Soap Opera in Madison, WI when my wife and I were visiting. It is a great little store. They had their own home made soap. I picked up the Shea Butter one because I like a thicker/more moisturizing soap. All their others are more of the clear glycerin style.


It has been a good soap. Nice light slightly floral fragrance. Very slick. Nice thick foam.

Super cheap 3.95 - and available from their website. I think that it has been repackaged and is being sold by Escential Lotions & Oils, Inc. The puck is the same color and size as the one I have. The image is taken from http://leisureguy.wordpress.com/ blog. Mine is no longer photogenic.
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