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Palmolive Moisturizing Deluxe

According to one description I've read, this is different from the normal European Palmolive Red. Since I've never used that particular variety I have to trust that as accurate; in any case, this is a nice cream.

The first thing you notice (aside from the green color of the cream) is the scent. It's really....odd at first blush. Like they took basic Palmolive hand soap or detergent and added a perfume fragrance on top of it. And after awhile you realize that it's a pretty unique combination: a little sweet, a little spicy, and it definitely reminds you that it's an Indian cream. I've really grown to like it.

It lathers wonderfully. I have no complaints there. Slickness is average but still just enough to not invite irritation. I think it uses a combination of glycerine and something called dimethicone copolyol to aid moisturization and glide and it works pretty well...not the best I've used but good enough that I can't really come out and say that it's particularly lacking in that department. It doesn't dry the skin and leaves it soft, though I do notice a little tightness.

Packaging is fine....it looks like toothpaste in more ways than one. Doesn't matter though. It's cheap and does it's job. Not as nice as Godrej, but certainly better than Park Avenue and other cheaper Indian offerings. Overall a good budget cream with no major faults.
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