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My Robert Becker Ceramic ‘Cactus Sand’ Shaving Scuttle Review

Price: Rating 10

A real bargain (when price compared to other Scuttles such as Moss, Dirty Bird or Georgetown), at $24.00 w/ $9.00 USPS First Class Mail, (purchased on Ebay from Mr. Robert Becker…”rbecker13”). :thumbup1:

Quality: Rating 8

This ‘medium’ ceramic scuttle (with Lid and Flat Stopper), is completely functional in design, although the Lid I received does not completely ‘seat’ squarely (not really an issue and does not at all detract from it’s functionality), on the Scuttle. Also, the Lid is clear glazed with an extra ‘coat’ (giving it a shiny appearance), than the body of the Scuttle (I will ask Robert why this is so…more to follow later). Additionally, the ‘spout’ could have been more refined (but again this is not really an issue), but the seams and handle attachment are solid, well made with no leaks.

Dimensions: The Scuttle outside bowl is 5 inches diameter and the top bowl’s interior diameter is 4 inches by 2 inches deep. Robert added groves to the bottom and sides of the bowl to help in mixing my shaving (I use Chelsea’s Unscented), soap. Also, the handle is large enough to insert 2 fingers inside to hold the Scuttle without ‘slippage’.

Water Capacity: This scuttle holds approximately 2 cups of water in the lower bowl.

Color: The inside and outside has a ‘thin’ coat of clear glaze, while the outside has a nice specked Cactus Sand pattern.

Weight: Rating 8

It has a nice weight to it that helps keep it in place without the fear of it slippage.

Shape: Rating 8

The shape is like a ‘old rustic’ (no doubt it does have ‘real’ character), tea kettle and is level when placed on a flat surface.

Heat Retention: Rating 9

It does this exceptionally well especially when using the Flat Stopper (which I replaced with a wine cork). :w00t: The ceramic shape retains the heat very well and the shaving foam is ‘very warm’ without drying…even after 13 minutes (or at least 3 passes). Also, with the Lid on, the top bowl is deep and wide enough to keep my FS Silvertip Brush (when placed on it’s side), very warm between passes. Robert states that water can be heated inside a microwave (vs. adding very hot water from a tea kettle), by filling the lower bowl with warm water and heat (on high temp), for up to 1 ½ minutes (which is the fastest and easiest method I use).

Performance: Rating 9

I really like it and for me, it holds the right amount of water and the lather bowl is big and wide enough in creating a thick ‘stiff-peak’ lather.

Usefulness: Rating 10

The usefulness, value and luxury in investing in a quality and reasonable Scuttle like Robert’s can not be understated. After ‘loading’ my brush, this Scuttle really generates a lot of incredible, rich, very warm and dense 'stiff peak' lather.

Durability: Rating N/A

With proper care (it will break if dropped), this ceramic Shaving Scuttle should be able to ‘stand-the-test-of-time’ and ‘out-live’ me.

Packaging: Rating 10

Packaging ‘popcorn’ and styro-foam was used and there were no damage during shipping.

In closing, I ‘highly’ recommend this Scuttle to one & all. :laugh:

"Your life is [like] a piece of clay, don't let anyone else mold it for you". Author Unknown
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