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LEA crema de afeitar - con brocha lather

Just wanted to comment on the boric acid being an irritant in the review above.
Back in my military days ('Nam-era), we used boric acid as standard-issue eyewash, so I can't see how it could be considered an irritant.
That being said, I have a tube of Lea's on order from shaveabuck.com.
Used this cream a few more times and it has quickly become one of my favorites. Played with the water and cream ratio a little bit and got just the right mix down. The high glycerin content really makes this stuff perform well and I get superb, very comfortable, very close shaves from it. Whatever slight sting sensation I got during the first use has completely disappeared, so I'm pretty sure that it was residual sensitivity from an allergic reaction I had to another product a couple days before. Bottom line is that this is great stuff.
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