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Gillette ProGlide

Since taking up DE shaving two years ago, I have constantly been on the lookout for a good travel set up. I travel at least once a month for work, and always carry on my bag so I need to find something that’s TSA approved. I know many members here will suggest checking a bag, sending supplies ahead to your destination, or picking up blades when you get to your destination, however this is simply not feasible for me. I usually travel with my boss or several other coworkers, so my time does not always belong to me.

Thanks to this review, some P&G coupons, and a good discount from a local “megalowmart”, I picked up a non-powered Fusion ProGlide and a 4 pack of cartridges. Total savings of just north of $11 US.

Until now, I had been using Bic sensitives and Atra cartridges I picked up at Big Lots. While the shaves are adequate with both razors, I just didn’t feel like I was getting as good a shave as I could. The Bics are fine, but for me I can only use them twice before they become too rough, the Atra carts work well enough, but after 25 years, I wanted to try something new.

So with a bit of trepidation (that’s a big cartridge) I put the ProGlide to the test this week. The first day I used my typical setup of Proraso rubbed into the beard with my hands and DR Harris Lavender. While I got a decent shave, it was quite poor on my neck. I figured the tallow soap was maybe a bit thick for the Proglide, and I needed to slow my stroke speed down a bit. The next morning, I figured I would use my travel set up, again a base of Proraso, followed by my VDH shave stick (homemade). I also used a slower stroke and followed the same pattern I do with my DE.
Wow. That is a gentle, but very effective razor! I got a great shave. However, one shortcoming was that my face dried out. Hmmm… I don’t usually have that problem. None of my normal routine changed, other than the razor. Well, shaved again yesterday, another good/great shave, but my face was still dry. I guess the ProGlide doesn’t exfoliate my skin as well as my humble Tech. In any event, I think I have found my go to travel razor. Even with the expensive cartridges, I can manage to get a good shave on the road.

I will always look forward to using my “proper” equipment, but at least now when I travel, I won’t feel my shaves are sub-par as they have in the past.
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