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Domenico Caraceni 1913

Harvitz81, i was going to review this cream soon, but i think you hit all of the salient points. from my quick straight journal SOTD review i wrote:

  • Domenico Caraceni 1913 SC..was very fragrant, heavy scent
  • ..I felt that i used too small a knurdle and was worried that I wouldn't have enough, but this was plenty for more passes than I cared to do (i estimate maybe 5). It really wanted water and was a great performer for me.
  • there was so much luxurious lather
  • DC1913 certainly didn't dry out my skin, but i wanted some extra nourishing for my skin

I have been trying to sort out the scent without checking out basenotes, but if it's rose, its quite interesting... i was thinking more like frankincense.
I recently tried a sample of Domenico Caraceni EdT from lucky scent and after about 3 days of trial, I fell in love with this scent.

I decided to purchase the shaving cream based on this hoping it smelled the same.

Price - This is not a cheap cream by any means. It is $60 shipped from luckyscent using a coupon code for free shipping. That said this is an 8.5 ounce jar (250mL), which is about double what most shaving creams are sold as. Still though, this is on the pricier side of things.

Quality - As with the EdT the domenico caraceni shaving products just expel quality. You can tell from the beginning of lathering that this is a very good product.

Scent - Scent is always subjective. The scent of DC 1913 shaving cream is almost spot on for the EdT though, which I absolutely love. It is a dark rose masculine scent that is not at all overpowering.

Latherability - I put on probably a half almond size amount on my Rooney Finest 1/2 and proceeded to face lather normally adding water as needed. This stuff lathers like crazy. I probably ended up with enough lather for 5 passes if I needed. Based on this, I think the price per shave is drastically reduced and this 8.5 oz jar is going to last me a long while.

Efficacy - The produced lather provided plenty of cushion and excellent slickness while using a straight. One of the best creams I've ever used.

Moisturizing - Didn't dry my face out, but didn't notice anything in the way of excess moisturizing either.

Packaging - Simple plastic tub in the same color as the EdT bottle. Nothing fancy as in the way of a glass jar or anything.

- This may be the finest cream I've ever used. It is right up there with Acca Kappa for the best creams in my rotation. I'm usually a soap person, but this one will not be leaving my den ever.
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