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D.R. Harris Bay Rum

I was surprised that this one hadn't been posted before so here goes my rambling summary of an all-time classic...
Bay rum; it's name evokes images of rum, beaches and calypso, in reality it smells more of Gingerbread with Bay, Cinnamon, cloves and spices. DR Harris seems to have tempered the often strong smelling after shave and produced another quality product.There is a spicve or a herb in there that I cannot quite place, maybe Cinnamon or nutmeg.
This after shave ticks all the right boxes except the price, well, it's British and the exchange rate will always work against you but it's a quality product and will not over stay it's welcome. Some bay rums are over powering, not this one.It gives a nice quick burn followed by a warming sensation. It dried down to a warm scent and lasts for the next 4-6 hours.
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