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Classicshaving.com's Classic Shave Cream

I recieved my Classic Shave Cream from Classicshavings yesterday, The order arrived very quickly and accurately filled, as their orders always do.
I am mostly a soap type guy, Tabac being my favorite, but once in a while I like to use a cream.
Coming fron Classicshaves, I knew it would be a good product, but it satisfied and performed well beyond my expectations.
First it was light, smooth and creamy it loaded onto my Dovo silvertip brush (also from Classicshaving)very nicely. A few swirls with maybe a teaspoon of hot water in my cup and sumptious looking lather began to build. I liked the scent that was now wafting up, clean fresh lavender, but not too heavy. Just enough to stimulate the old smeller without overdoing it.
The lather went onto my face very nicely. It was so pleasant that I couln't help but spend a little extra time swirling it around and massaging it into my face.
Then, the shave. I took up my Futur, loaded with a new Crystal and began my usual razor buffing shave. This cream was so soft and cushiony that the blade seemed almost to just wipe off my usually tough whiskers. I reapplied some more of the copius lather left in my cup and went to work on the extra tough spots that I always have to come back and reshave across the grain.
... Smooth and easy, just like the first pass.,
A hot and cold water rinse, some nice refreshing Witch hazel and a dollop of Gentlemens refinery aftershave to finish up..This was areally nice shave.
In concluding my rambling and mis-constructed sentences, I would say that this Classic Shave Cream is an outstanding product and it can be had for a very reasonable price. Now to try out the Bay Rum version.
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