XP Boot Problems (Tech Masters, Please Step In)

Discussion in 'The Barber Shop' started by Ernie, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Here's what I got:

    Sounds simple enough, right? The only thing is that the sucker does not want to go into the set-up menu so that I can access the recovery console.

    I set the CD drive as the first drive to boot from (with the CD in it) and it partly does. Before the above message, I get the press any key to boot from CD. I press any key and nothing happens. It still comes up with the same thing.

    I researched this issue and found that I have to get into the recovery console, but I cannot enter it.

  2. did you see where you could select 'r'?
  3. Strange question: do you have a USB keyboard?

    If so, it's possible that the keyboard isn't recognized until Windows starts up, meaning it will be impossible for the computer to realize you actually pressed a key. If you have a PS2 keyboard laying around try connecting it and pressing a key when asked. If you already have a PS2 keyboard and you're still running into that I'll have to get back to you on it.

    Edit: Still going on the assumption you have a USB keyboard, see if you can get into your BIOS (usually by pressing Delete or F1, "Press Delete to enter setup...") and enable USB Legacy support. Again, if it's a PS2 keyboard, I'm still working on it.
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    Ensure that your keystroke is actually begin recognized by the system. Can you go into your BIOS/CMOS settings? Typically there's a prompt to hit DEL, or F2, or F10, etc. to enter the BIOS. Make sure your keyboard is functioning, because for all intents and purposes, the XP install looks like it's not trying to boot off the CD (despite the fact you're pressing any key).

    Thus your infinite boot loop.

    Either that, or maybe you're hitting an incorrect key. Despite the fact that it says "any key" -- keys like "F Lock" (or the calculator key on the some keyboards, etc.) do not register as actual keystrokes to XP setup. Try pressing the space bar.
  5. It is a USB keyboard and I had the same idea. The thing is, I can get into the BIOS. I'll try to enable the USB Legacy and see what happens. Thanks for your help so far.
  6. No worries. Here's hoping it works.

    Three more stamps on my geek card and I get a free pizza. :biggrin:
  7. Hi Ernie,

    What make/brand and model of machine is it? And although I think the answer would be "no", have you installed any programs lately, especially large ones like Office or Adobe Creative Suite?

    I concur with Chip that the keyboard problem is likely related to the Windows CD since you can get into the BIOS using that keyboard.

    For errors like this you're expected to go into the recovery console, and replace the System file with the System.backup file that is contained in the same directory. Keep us posted.
  8. its a common issue when you get some kind of malware and its designed to damage the registry when removed, kind of a scortched earth policy, you might have to reinstall,
  9. Question: I looked through the whole BIOS and could not find anything mentioning USB. Is there a specific place to look?
    I built it myself two years ago. My cousin is staying with me this week and being a younger guy he might have installed some applications/programs that I do not use (messaging software and such). I hope it's not that and that it's just Windows because I do know how such programs can mess things up.

    Worst case scenario I'll just get a new HD to run things from there and get my files from current HD. Before though, I'll try to find a PS2 keyboard.
  10. It's probably under Advanced CMOS settings. Maybe punch "(insert motherboard brand here) enable legacy usb bios" into Google and see what comes up. There are only so many different BIOSes but that's probably the fastest way to find your instructions.
  11. Another minor thing to note. When you hit the keyboard at boot time, tap it several times gently in a sequence rather than a single tap and watch..... you never know the right time u need to tap it ...
  12. Well, I got in. I am following this write-up. Currently, I am on part two, stuck on opening the system information volume folder. Since I got other things to do, I'll try again tomorrow later.

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