Wow, VDH is much better for me than Williams

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by backinit, May 8, 2012.

  1. I cannot believe the difference between the 2.

    About 1/3 of the way through the William puck and I was suffering with some irritation and a few bumps. I put the VDH in my mug and in every aspect (that I can think of) it was better.
    More and thicker lather, better smell, maybe slicker and my skin said thanks.

    And, I cannot believe that I am posting on a message board concerning shaving soap!:wacko:
  2. You won't get any argument from me (see my signature line): VDH is a great product all around. Modern formulation Williams is a bottom of the bucket product simply not usable for it's intended purpose (and it makes a pretty awful shower soap too; very drying).
  3. I went to their website to email Williams about their product and (nicely) why I will not be using it.
    The paragraph on the email form was something else..
  4. VDH Deluxe is certainly worth the $0.50 bump above the price of Williams. VDH Luxury line is certainly worth paying $4/puck for instead of the $1 I pay for Williams. If I wanted to store up a couple of years worth of emergency soap, it would probably be a dozen pucks of one of the VDH soaps, at least until I can get the collection that Johnie Gold started the 3017 thread with.

    That being said, I have used Williams quite successfully in the past. I have been trying to kill the last puck I have for the past couple of weeks as a matter of fact. The stuff is problematic to get a good lather from, but especially in soft water it can be done.
  5. There are forums dedicated to almost anything. Shaving products seems as good a subject as any other. The transparent dark pink soap is the one I used twice in a row, although it worked particularly well two days ago, and I don't think I did anything at all differently. Tomorrow, I'll use the deLuxe, VDH, while I have the older one and its performance clearly in mind.

    This happens to be a puck I bought several years ago, and had to dig free from the shards of a previous mug that fell and broke up beyond any repair. I didn't use it often, so it was fairly dry, and it had almost no scent at first, but with use, some of that has been released again. (I have no recollection of using Williams at any time, although it's possible I did so 40 years ago . . )
  6. VDH is a solid performer for me. Can't beat it for the $.
  7. VDH is pretty good, but I actually prefers Williams.
  8. I ordered the 12 pack of VDH off Amazon last summer and 3 puck of their Luxury Soaps and I have been very pleased. I have some Vintage Williams that I use for decorations and for the end times.
  9. I love the Luxury. I haven't used the deluxe. I got a 4 pack on amazon for like 12 bucks shipped. Love the stuff. It is all I used now.
  10. The paragraph is actually quite hilarious, it's so anti customer service!!

    I interpret that to mean, "don't bother contacting us about how wretchedly bad our product is, as we don't care!!"
  11. Some things should be allowed to die
  12. .....but if you should happen to send us a new formula we may choose to profit from it somehow whether you give us permission to or not!
  13. John:
    [​IMG]...on VDH's my 'go-to' soap!!! :thumbsup

    In terms of's a awesome soap; great lather, lubercation, cushion and glide. It's hypo-allergenic and contains 40% moisturizers, including Aloe Vera & Shea Butter with no animal products and no harsh chemicals to irritate my sensitive skin (for further input, see the Reviews for this soap).

    Plus I add about 6-8 drops of glycerine per puck before I melt it (nuke), extra lubercation, cushion and glide . :thumbsup:

    [​IMG] “Laughter is the [shaving lather]...that sweeps away the cobwebs of your heart”. Mort Walker
  14. +1

    VDH Deluxe seems a bit artificial to me, by comparison. Not really a knock, though: It's easy to use and makes good lather and doesn't trouble my skin.
  15. VDH isn't terrible. It's easy, in fact.

    Williams isn't easy, but it isn't terrible.

    That's why you don't see much VDH bashing on the forums. Nobody trips over the flat learning curve of VDH.

    I could live with either, but I get better results with Williams.

    Then again, there are other soaps I like better than both.
  16. I really like VDH luxury. Williams is the only soap I've actually thrown in the trash.
    If you think VDH is good, try some haslinger. My favorite hard soap so far!
  17. (sorry for my English) ,well I just start with williams this morning loaded with badger brush the result its amazing a huge amount lather in my scuttle dose not found any problem with this soap till this moment and as i reading from all members her i was expected a hard to get lathering or couse to me irritation may be becouse i have oily skin thats why work with me !! will i give it another couples day to get a final result
  18. VDH is a lot easier than Williams for several reasons. First, it compensates for hard water issues by binding up cations in the water. Second, it contains foaming agents that make getting a rich lather quick and easy.
  19. Some don't have a problem with Williams whereas others do.

    Also, I see you are from the Middle East. Is it possible that the Williams sold there is different than the Combe Williams we have in the US and Canada? I know there is a Williams cream sold in France that is not made by Combe and is much better than the US/Canada version.
  20. I tried VDH, but couldn't stand the scent.

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