WOw 1st shave with silvertip

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by ddown, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Well I used my new to me silver tip today it's a whipped dog knot and handle. I had thought boar was the way to go but this thing is dense has great backbone, and soft. Oh, and it Lathers up a storm. I finally understand the Badger lure now. How does this knot compare to others. I did 1st pass with DR Harris Lavender and 2nd and third with Bigelow. My only other badger was a VDH pure I'm Sold!!!:thumbup:
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  2. Badger really is nice. I haven't used the Whipped Dog silvertip yet, so I can't comment. But let the badger hair AD commence! :smile:
  3. fantastic, I just ordered mine yesterday, can't wait to get it.
  4. I ordered a Whipped Dog silvertip on Wednesday. Had the handle drilled in the added 10mm for a shorter loft.
  5. I recently bought a badger as well, not a whipped dog however. I am in agreement with you on badger vs. boar, I was real happy with my boar, but the badger clearly just does everything better.
  6. All the love of boar around here I just couldn't see the need for a better badger. Now I understand Everyone's needs are different and expectations vary I guess I found another eye-opening shaving experience.YMMV
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  7. What knot did you get? Standard depth in the handle or deeper?
  8. 26mm not sure on the depth I got used on another board. A guy bought it to do lather tests (3) between synthetics and Natural. The handle has great weight solid feel and the brush is so dense and soft.
  9. You'll notice they didn't name the website "Boar and Blade" did they???

    HEHEHE...Badger is the way to go, I have dabbled in boar brushes but comparatively speaking (of course in my opinion) there is no comparison.

    Sure I can produce good lather with my boar brushes but the simple fact is badgers are just cooler than boars!!!



  10. I think you may have to post pictures of this supposed "brush"...
  11. Welcome to the wonderful world of silvertip badger!
  12. I'm about to order a Whipped Dog silvertip as well, but I'm a complete noob and the different sizes confuse me. Could someone please explain to me the pros/cons of the different handle and loft sizes? I bowl lather creams mainly and I would like a brush that's good for that.
  13. i second this emotion.

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