Witch Hazel as razor burn treatment

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by ZackP, May 21, 2013.

  1. So, I decided to buy some dollar store witch hazel. It smells kind of bad, but not THAT bad (I can handle it). So, I've read applying every hour helps with razor burn. I have a few spots that are just not going away regardless of anything I try, even taking a week or so off. So, I figured maybe this will help. Has anyone had success with this?
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    I use WH after every shave, razor burn or not. I apply it to my whole face. After I started using it, I've never had razor burn last more than a couple hours. I've never tried reapplying it throughout the day, although I do on sunburn.

    Also, you'll get used to the smell. I thought it smelled bad when I first started using it, now I enjoy it.
  3. It's so cheap I may mix it into other aftershaves, too. It seems like it''s good stuff.
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    Great remedy. And if you don't like the smell, try Thayers WH.
  5. Like the AS Stew, I apply witch hazel after every shave and after that dries apply my splash for the day. I don't usually get razor burn and when I do I usually reach for the Aloe Vera which soothes and heals better than anything else I have tried. For minor irritation the witch hazel does the trick just fine.
  6. I am a huge fan of WH, the first bottle of Thayers was nice but if you look at the ingredients, its basically watered down WH that costs 8x as much as the generic. Either way its great stuff. I use it as a aftershave splash and before I go to bed on my face, on a cotton ball, and my occasional breakouts are no more. I preach it to my friends and new shavers when I get the chance. Good luck and hope it helps you out.
  7. If you have a sore spot that doesn't go away after a week of not shaving, you need to see a doctor about it.
  8. Not a sore spot, that's the thing. It's just red spots. Two of them. You know how it looks if you rub your skin for a small amount of time and it turns red? Well, I have TWO spots just like that, and it seems they're fading VERY slowly. Definitely not something that hurts, otherwise I would have been in the doctor's office a week or two ago!

    By the way, it doesn't have a scent after a few minutes...I don't need to invest in something when the scent goes that fast. Dollar Tree has bottles (6oz) I believe with nice flow-control tops. It's kind of smokey, like something you'd smell in barbecue sauce (to me, anyways) :lol:
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    It's interesting how different people interpret the smell off WH. I think it has an earthy, peaty kind of smell. Others have said it smells like bacon!
  10. I use WH after every shave as well on both my face and head.
  11. I could get that bacon thing, but if you sniff some barbecue sauce, I swear it's similar :lol:
  12. Actually, I know exactly what you mean about those red spots, I get them too. For me, there's a spot on my jaw where the direction of growth changes for like 5 hairs. If I forget and don't adjust the direction of the shave right there those spots come out.
  13. Interestingly enough, the witch hazel is ACTUALLY helping big time. I'm very surprised considering every balm I tried didn't do much but soothe.
  14. I use WH after every shave too. It totally works. I’m not a fan of the smell either, it smells like a mild liquid smoke to me too, But seeing that it does fade VERY fast I’m ok with it. I get mine at the Dollar store too. Best thing going!
  15. Add a little glycerin and aloe vera gel to WH and you'll have a balm that really helps make your face feel good.
  16. Yeah, I dread the scent of this stuff already :lol: thankfully it's a quick moment and it's gone...
  17. I've been night shaving because I don't have time in the morning for a full long nice shave and at night I use alum after I shave and then some sensitive ASB. In the morning when I wake up before leaving I splash my face with WH to help keep my natural oils in check and it seems to really be helping me.

    In less than a week I went from tons of razor burns and break out spots to almost no razor burn or break outs.
  18. WH is as necessary as lather for a proper shave. It just.....fits.
  19. What he said!
  20. Ive had some luck with witch Hazel, but am finding that really hot rinse, then alum block, then cold rinse then aftershave takes care of the burn for me.

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