What's a fair price?

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  1. I am new to the brush restoration. What would be a fair range to pay for vintage ER handles?
  2. Well, thats really subjective on whos buying and who's selling. There's no set price that i've seen with older ever ready brushes. I've seen guys on here buy a brush for 1 dollar from an antique shop but i bought the same handle for 12. Then again it depends on the brush too.

    I guess a fair price would be anywhere from 5 to 20 dollars.

    Or free always works too.
  3. Whatever you are willing to pay. If it is what you want you decide how much it's worth to you. Myself I wouldn't pay more than $20 for a unrestored handle, unless it is a vintage catalin handle i.e. Simpson, Rooney etc.
  4. +1. In Southern California, I see a lot of brushes but I stop looking at them if they're above $15. I saw a very nice butterscotch handle Ever-Ready but the lady wanted $28.

    +1. Again, finding brushes is fairly easy but finding a good candidate for re-knot under $20 can be tricky.
  5. Best bet would be to see the BST here as handles occasionally come up (just passed on a nice lot that I'm now sort of regretting). Ebay and Etsy are good sources too, but as wet shaving is making somewhat of a comeback, sellers are raising their prices to match the growing demand for them.
  6. The most I've paid for a vintage brush is $18 for a nos Dubl Duck at an antique store.
  7. Thanks for everyone's input!
  8. Depends. Ebay prices or B&B member prices?

    Ebay = $5 - $50
    B&B = Much more reasonable
  9. This is a tough question. I am going to say as cheap as you can get it. I paid $21.15 for this one shipped:

    $everready black butterscotch.jpg

    It turned out like this:

    $photo 1.jpg

    I went a little high on that one because you are going to pay more for a black and butterscotch.

    This one was $17.49, shipped:


    It turned out like this, (sorry, forgot to take one with the knot in it):


    I would say you should be able to find one on eBay if you are patient and willing to do the work. Just make sure there is no structural damage, like cracks. Under $20 is a fair price, maybe a little more for something like the first one I posted.
  10. ^^Agreed. I'm always willing to pay a little bit more for butterscotch. To each his own though.
  11. Butterscotch is great. And there is something so satisfying about restoring your own brush. There are no stigmas attached to it like say re-plating a razor. I mean, you only have what you have to work with, there is no covering anything up, only uncovering the hidden beauty that has been masked by years of age and neglect.
  12. Phil - those turned out beautifully. Selling any???
  13. The green/black, red/black seem to go for MUCH more than the butterscotch. I just picked up a similar butterscotch/black handle for $12 shipped.

    Green/black and reg/blacks I can't seem to touch for less than $15 before shipping.
  14. Every day there are more and more people looking to buy brush handles to restore because our site is growing everyday. So if they are anything likes straights they are only going to get more expensive. If you watch ebay close you can get some good deals on BIN. But the nice ones usually go fast.
  15. Brush and razor prices are going crazy on Ebay lately. Seems like they've about doubled this past year. (grumpy old man rant)

    But a vintage brush with your screen name and avatar would be... well. Priceless. :wink2::wink2: :lol:

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