What to do after the shave?

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  1. Today after a year of de shaving I finally used a soap instead of the cream. My question to you gents is what do you do after the shave? Do I just put the lid back on or let it air out?
  2. djh

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    I clean up the outside of the bowl and then let the soap dry before replacing the lid and putting it away to wait for the next use. So, please tell us...... what was the soap? How were your experiences?
    And please tell me a little more about the hound in your avatar pic?!
  3. nav


    I find the puck dries enough during the shave so I just pop the lid back once I am done.
  4. I use the "squeezed out" brush method of loading soap so the puck is pretty dry when I am done anyway but I also shave before I shower, so......by the time I shower, dry off, then clean up my mess I feel pretty safe just putting the lid back on and leave it at that.
  5. I let it dry and then attach the cover. Maybe its me being paranoid but I figure a moist atmosphere is prime real estate for things to grow.
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    i leave the lid off for the day for it to dry out, then cap it and put it away
  7. DHJ: Today I tried Mama Bears Aromatic Pipe Tobacco Glycerin Shave Soap. It lathered up very nice (smelled great too!). To date I have only used TOBS Creams. I think that the Mama Bears soap produced a better lather then the TOBS. After I get things down with the Mama Bears I might give MWF or Tabac a shot. I am glad I finally got around to giving the soaps I have laying around a try.

    The dog in my avatar is my German Shorthair Pointer (GSP) Winnie. She was just a pup in the picture but is 3 now. However she still has all of the energy of a pup, she can run all day :lol: This is a great time of year for her, she loves the snow and I live in Buffalo so there is no shortage this time of year.
  8. This is what I do as well. If it is dry when I get home that day I close it then. The added benefit of leaving it open is that the shave den smells great the next time I enter. I think that it is just a good practice to avoid any potential problems.


  9. For loose pucks I generally allow them to dry before replacing the lid. It is unpleasant to find the bottom of a puck soggy and gross after not drying properly.
  10. Dry the outside of the bowl, whack the lid on and place back into the den... !
  11. Thank you all for the advice!
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    Fantastic! Thanks for the details; I have never tried a Mama Bears soap, but if it lathers better than TOBS Cream they must be worth investigating.
    I thought that the pup looked like a GSP- we had one when I was a kid in Australia (a wonderful gun dog) and then my brother and his children had one for quite a few years too.

  13. I am so glad I got a GSP. One of the best dogs I have ever had. She points like a champ too!
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    The only soaps I use right now are Tabac in a bowl, a loose chunk of L'Occ Cade, and a Spieck stick.

    For the Tabac, I turn it upside down under the faucet to rinse off excess lather from the outside of the bowl, then put the lid on. The lid is not airtight, so it will allow air to circulate and the puck to dry for a few days until the next time I use it.

    For the Cade, I hold it in my hand to load the brush, put it down on the counter until the shave is done, then I wipe off excess lather with a towel and put it back in a soap dish. Also residing in that same dish are some chunks of MWF, Provence Sante, and p160, which rarely get used.

    For the Speick, I wipe it off with a towel, and put it back in a pill bottle.
  15. I just seal it up right after, the ammount of water used on the puck is minimal. I have never had a soap go bad or get mildew/mold because I sealed it.
  16. Very nice Kurzhaar, they are very helpful on upland hunting. For information about after the shave, I directly close the bowl because during the shave it is not closed for humidity issues if you are using not lacquered wooden bowls.

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