What is the best, moisturizing, soothing after shave on the market?

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  1. I have tried a lot of good products, but is there one that is head and shoulders better than the rest? Thayers works really well, I have had good success with Lucky Tiger. I have heard good things about I coloni and Pre de Province(?). I have sensitive skin, particulary on my neck and occasionally have red bumps after shaving on my neckline. Thoughts?
  2. I'd recommend Nivea sensitive ASB, it's very cheap and works great.
  3. I used the Nivea Sensitive for about a year when I started. It worked well, but these days I prefer the Neutrogena Razor Defense Post Shave. I now only use balms as needed as they seem to clog my pores if used on a regular basis. I use regular WH with alcohol (Dickinsons) after every shave.
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  4. The most soothing after shave I have used is Thayer's Witch Hazel Aftershave. It is not their normal WH, but is the one sold specifically as an aftershave. It is simple and works fantastically. Alcohol + WH + Aloe Vera
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    Splash- Speick
    ASB- Nivea Sensitive
  6. I really like the Nancy Boy Replenishing. Is amazing stuff. And a very small amount goes a long way. I got the travel sized (1fl oz) free as a sample when I bought their creams. I will be buying more soon. It is by far the best I have tried, it sooths my skin when I messed up and had a rough shave, and it makes my skin feel soft. Only real issue is that it does make my skin a bit tacky/sticky while it's drying. But that only lasts a few minutes.
  7. The most moisturizing is L'Occitane's Cade ASB.

    I haven't tried anything more moisturizing. Its actually marketed as an ASB & a moisturizer.

    The most soothing is I Coloniali ASB.
  8. The best I have ever found, and I have tried a bunch, is The Gentlemens Refinery Aftershave Balm. Comes in "standard" scent, and unscented. Best quality ingredients. I use the unscented one.
  9. Captains choice leaves my skin feeling incredible and soothed, after the initial burn, that is.
  10. Nivea Sensitive balm has my vote!
  11. Razorock King Louis Aftershave Lotion. I cannot say enough good things about it. I feel it is the best AS product I have ever used. It's a light liquid in a spritzer bottle with a touch of menthol and a no nonsense lavender scent. There is also an 888 version which is a woodsy eucalyptus. It feels great going on, super soothing, and the aftershave softness and skin moisturizing properties are fantastic.
  12. Knize 10, in my experience. It contains alcohol, but leaves my face well moisturized and is not greasy. The smell is Knize 10, very old world.
  13. I use captain's choice bay rum splash and spieck ASB.
  14. Splash: Speick
    Balm: T&H Ultimate Comfort


  15. Another vote for Nivea sensitive. Musgo Real splash is also very soothing and moisturizing and a better overall experience than the Nivea IMO.
  16. You're never going o get everyone to agree with what the "best" is.
  17. Yep, especially when you don't even narrow it down to splashes or balms. Still, here are my two cents of the MANY aftershave products that I've tried...

    Speick - best "healing" splash
    RazoRock King Louis - best splash for overall skin care
    Crown Shaving balm - best overall balm
    L'Occitane balms - most moisturizing balm... great in winter if you get dry skin (first three ingredients are water, glycerin and shea butter)
  18. Speick is the best healing aftershave
  19. I used to use Nivea Sensitive then switched up to the Nivea Replentishing. Slight burn when you put it on and my face is nicer. The ladies like the scent better too.

    It was on sale at the market today so I got two more bottles so Im good for another year and a half haha! :D
  20. +1 on the Nivea sensitive ASB

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