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  1. Gentlemen, I quit smoking cigarettes in January 2011, and haven't looked back since - but I do miss the quiet moments, you know what I mean, in the garden by yourself, relaxing.. as a result I've taken a fancy to the odd cigar, but they are far too expensive for me to enjoy on a weekly or fortnightly basis - based on that I've decided I might take a look at pipe smoking. My Father has been smoking a pipe for years, and although the options for Tobacco seem to be severely limited in Australia, I still want to give it a go.

    I've spent many hours searching online, and ordered a tin of Peterson's Old Dublin based of some reviews, and am looking at ordering a pipe.. and to be honest this has really caught my eye. It's a bit pricy, but what do you think? I'd love to hear an opinion or two. It's a Savinelli Bing's Favourite, and it looks amazing.

  2. Go for it. Sav's are excellent pipes.
  3. jwhite

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    +1 just know the Bing's and Clark's are longer than standard and may be awkward for hands free smoking, but excellent smokers by those I know who have one.
  4. +1 I find a shorter saddle bit it easier for me to clench. A Bent pipe may also be easier to clench.
  5. I have several Savs and they all smoke great. I agree the "Bing" is a little long for my comfort. I do prefer a little bend. Look at the 122 and 123 shapes. These pipes also have a larger sixe tobacco reservoir. Good luck. What ever Sav you choose, I am sure it will serve you well. Look at the selection on smokingpipes.com.
  6. Looks like a great R&R pipe to me! Savanelli pipes are terrific, it will last you a lifetime.
  7. I always reccomend a cob for beginners, but I would go for it if you like that one. I like the one Savinelli I have enough that have another in the mail headed my way right now. I agree the "mini churchwarden" type style of that one will usually require a free hand to hold it. But if this pipe will only be used for quiet smoke while sitting then it shouldn't be a big deal.
  8. That's a great looking pipe. I'm assuming the name is a reference to Bing Crosby, and if that's the case there's a matching tobacco for you too - Cornell & Diehl Crooner.
  9. I like the choice. I think most importantly, the first pipe should be something the owner loves not just an assemblage of other's opinions. As long as it is good quality, such as that Savinelli. You can worry about taking input on shape/size on subsequent pipes.

    My first pipe is a Savinelli also. Just smoked it today and still love it.
  10. I have a Bing's favorite like this one:


    I don't find it to be too long at all, and I'm not a fan of long pipes to begin with. It does have a pretty small bowl, if that matters to you, and it takes the balsa inserts if you choose to filter it. You can also use it without the balsa since it comes with the proper insert.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend the Bing. It's even more of a beauty in person.
  11. I bought some Crooner to try out in my Bing, for the whole effect and all. It's definitely odd stuff. I like it a lot, but the deer tongue makes for a strangely herbal smoke. I feel like smoking it most in the fall, when the weather's cool and the spicy smells of the season are in the air. It's good stuff, but definitely not for everyone.
  12. A good looking pipe and great brand. Your first pipe is a special one and the fact that this one caught your eye is probably the biggest factor. Good luck and enjoy!
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    Looks good to me, I really like the slight bend it has. Good luck with it, I'm sure it'll be a great smoker ;-)
  14. I almost bought that same one for my first pipe. Love the style, and as it turns out I like smaller bowls, so it would have been perfect for me.
  15. Thanks guys, I'm still thinking about it - there is a billiard style Sav that I really like as well, that comes as a beginner kit at smokingpipes.com and it's also cheaper, which is nice as well. There is a cheaper version of this pipe, but it looks like it's got cow pattern all over the stem and looks bloody stupid IMO!
  16. For a first pipe I'd get a corncob though the one you showed in your post is nice.
  17. I ordered the 4 noggins Savinalli starter kit from 4noggins. I looked at the collegiate kit from smoking pipes but did not see the Savinelli billiard starter kit. Mine should be here some time this week. I will post up pics when it comes in.

    FWIW Rich was really easy to deal with and swapped out the Capt Black for some 4noggins blends for me.
  18. Savanelli makes a great pipe, I own a half dozen of them and not one is a lug.

    The single most important thing about choosing a first pipe is to choose one that you like, that way you'll be more inclined to smoke it. Remember, it'll take at least a dozen smokes to start breaking it in, so if it is a little rough off the start, don't get too concerned.
  19. The Bing is a wonderful pipe, I adore the every now and again I find myself smoking it. I have the red rustic with red and black swirled stem, it's quite a looker. You might find that buying churchwarden cleaners might benefit you, as a standard cleaner will find its way all the way into the tip if you let it. Good eye for your first pick.
  20. Sav's are excellent pipes, I have three and they are all great smokers. They say that there's a Savinelli for everyone!

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