What do you prefer?

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What do you like better?

  1. Walnut scales

  2. White Pine scales

  3. I like both

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  1. What do you like better or prefer?

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  2. Both look nice but I like the walnut better.
  3. Legion

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    Both look nice, but +1 on making your wedge more wedgy. Those scales should splay out about half an inch more at the open end.
  4. Like 'em both!
    Nice work.
  5. Based on the scales, alone, I prefer the white pine because they look fresh and modern. The blade you choose could completely change my preference, though.
  6. I voted both..from the side I like the look of the white pine slightly better, but viewed from the end with the contrasting spacer I think I like the walnut better. I think you did a really nice job shaping them and thinning them out on both sets.
    And +1 on making a wedge instead of a spacer. I was resistant to this thinking a wedge was going to be a lot more complicated, my spacers were working, etc etc, until I made a couple sets with wedges. Very simple to do and really improves the appearance and how the blade fits in the scales.
  7. I voted "I like both" in the poll, but I must say that the lighter pine is a much more unique choice; darker wood scales are much more common historically, and the light pine against the steel blade I think would read very nicely. I'm changing my vote.
  8. Love the walnut for two main reasons. Dark is richer to my eye and flatters a vintage blade. Walnut (believe me) is a much harder wood than pine and will stand the test of time.
  9. Walnut. I have a soft spot for that wood. It's one of my all time favorites. Pairs great with a maple wedge too!

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