Weber DLC Razor - Is This The Mildest Razor on The Market?

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  1. I received my Weber DLC in the mail several days ago.
    I measured its blade gap as 21 thousandths of an inch, which is smaller than the 24 thou listed in the Blade Gap table.

    As I have tested my other 11 DE razors with Gillette Super Thin blades and Trumper's cream, I put a new Super Thin into the Weber, lathered up with the Trumpers, and started to shave. I was mystified - the razor wasn't cutting anywhere near close enough. I tried varying angles but to no avail. The blade wasn't dragging like a dud blunt one would. So I gave up and finished off with my till then gentlest razor, my 1956 Tech.

    I didn't test the Weber the next day, as I had a sanguine adventure with the XD20 Sanguine shavette that arrived in the mail that day.

    Today I put a Feather blade into the Weber, and the result was the gentlest, mildest wet shave I've ever had - and that is in comparison to the other 11 DE razors and six or seven cartridge razors I've used. I had to apply some pressure to get the result, a bit like with cartridge razors. The shave was pretty close, though I think other DE razors get a tiny bit closer. When I applied the alum block, I didn't feel any little stings from micro nicks the way I typically feel them with other blades.

    So I'm scratching my head as to what to make of the Weber.

    Has it been designed as the mildest, least aggressive razor on the market? Which requires the sharpest of blades for it to work in that fashion?
    Or is the intent that it be a DE razor that has the feel of a cartridge razor?

    I can't imagine anyone with a heavy beard wanting to use it.
    On the other hand I can't imagine anyone being able to nick themselves with it either, making it very handy for use when recovering from a nasty shave session - no need to revert to electric.
    And it would certainly be handy for wearing in blades that are initially too sharp or too unforgiving on other razors.

    Has anybody else had a similar experience or feeling using a Weber DLC?

    P.S. I have an UPDATE on page 3 of the posts, describing how I used a another Super Thin blade, and got the same result in the Weber as with the first Super Thin.
    P.P.S I have Update 2 on page 3 describing how in a side by side shave the Weber DLC with Feather blade did not shave as close as my 1956 Gillette Tech with Gillette Super Thin blade.
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  2. I get the opposite feeling from my Weber ARC, more aggressive than a EJ DE89 or a Tech.
  3. I sent them ("Weber Razors") a letter some time ago, when I bought mine, asking about the aggressiveness and they said it is supposed to be a little bit more aggressive than 34c or DE89.
  4. I view it not as aggressive or mild, but really efficient. When I had the longer Classic handle, I viewed it as very mild, but at least to me, the Bulldog handle helps add just enough aggressiveness to make the shave great.
  5. I have a Gillette Tech, a Merkur HD, and a Weber ARC and I find the Weber to be at least as aggressive as the HD. It's smoother, but no less effective.
  6. There shouldn't be any difference between an ARC and DLC, correct?
  7. There was a classic handle? I just have the bulldog heavy one.
  8. That hits the nail right on the head. The first couple of times using the Weber it felt like nothing was being cut, but you shake the razor out under the tap and notice lots of growth gone. It's very smooth. There should be no difference I would think between an ARC and DLC
  9. I've got the Merkur 333C (a 33C with a different handle, to which I've added the pole from the 25C, to turn it into a 23C) which I think is supposed to be the same head as the 34C. Anyhow, it's a lot more aggressive than my Weber DLC.
  10. Interesting, thanks.
  11. I won't argue about it being smooth with the Feather blade, because it sure was.
  12. Yes it was longer and thinner. I'm sure someone can post a pic. I don't have it any longer or I would
  13. I shave with my Weber (with the original classic handle) frequently, and don't consider it to be super mild. I consider it to be a very efficient razor, and one of the best on the market.

    You want mild, try the (horrific piece of junk) Weishi Razor. It's so mild it barely shaves at all. It's basically useless for it's intended purpose.
  14. QOTD! You really do have to wonder what the folks in marketing were thinking when they named that razor.
  15. YMMV, but I don't think the Weber DLC is mild nor is it too aggressive. I compare it to a 40's Rocket as far as it being right in the sweet spot.
  16. Remember, gap is just one factor in aggressiveness. Blade exposure beyond the tangent is the more important factor. The Old Type which has a very low gap has more exposure and is more aggressive.
  17. I would not consider my Weber a mild razor nor aggressive either. It is middle of the road but as others have said - a very efficient shaving instrument. I would advise that you spend more time shaving with it rather than comparing measurement specifications with other razors.
  18. I have the Weber DLC with the bulldog handle and a Merkur 23C. Ever since I got the Weber, its the one I use almost all the time. Whenever I'm trying a new blade, I haul out the Merkur and do a head-to-head shave off the see which razor the blade works best in. The Weber wins every time (so far). I get closer, more comfortable results in fewer passes with the Weber. I don't know if that makes it more aggressive but it sure makes it more effective. Well, for me anyway. YMMV. I sure hits my natural sweet spot.
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    Has anyone compared either of the Webers with the Feather AS-D1?

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