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  1. After carving red Morse Code into my chin with CVS SE blades, I thought I'd see if there was a slim possibility that Walgreen's GEMs were any Different even though they are made by the same company. So, after checking to make sure I had a tetanus shot recently, I ventured into my local Walgreen's (not nearly as nice, clean and efficient as CVS, IMHO).

    Two days of growth just like when I used the CVS blade, same soap, right after a shower again, same 1915 Star lather catcher. Indeed! Navigating my chin was much smoother and I could totally let the razor do the work. No cuts, no burn. The blades look the same right down to the instructions on the back, but I truly believe they were much better (and a tad more costly, $5.74 for 10 vs $3.99 for the CVS flints).

    I'm hoping some of you single blade boys can also try this comparison (get the styptic ready for the CVS trial) and let me (us) know your thoughts.

    Happy shaves.
  2. Also check out Family Dollar stores. They carry five packs of PAL Supers for $1.69. I know someone who swears by them, especially for the price and convenience.
  3. Guido, are those the blades that are dark carbon with a lighter color spine?
  4. I'm honestly not sure. I have purchased them for others, but haven't tried them myself. I drive right past a Family Dollar on the way home. I'll stop and pick up a pack and post a couple of shots later this evening.

    Heck, it'll give me an excuse to finally use one of my GEM, GEM Jr. or Ever Ready 1912's. :lol:
  5. Wonderful!

  6. Okay, here the shots. Review later.

    The PAL Super - $1.60 plus tax for a five pack.


    The third shot includes a war issue 1912 GEM Jr I'll test drive with.
  7. I think you'll like how that GEM Jr shaves, mine does a good job. I prefer to use GEM branded blades only because they haven't irritated me yet.
  8. I think the Walgreens GEM Personna's are the same as a Pella. At least to my face.
  9. A visual inspection of the GEMs I bought at my Walgreen's shows a different edge than the Pella blades. The Pella's edge is ground farther down, towards the spine, when compared to the Walgreen's blade.
    What does this mean? I have no clue.
    I do agree they perform the same. If someone else were to load my razor, I'm sure I couldn't guess what blade I was using by shave alone.
  10. Time to report back in after two double day growth shaves.

    All I can say to start out that it was scary ... that is, scary in how efficiently the GEM Jr. with the loaded PAL mowed down the growth in the first pass.


    As someone that isn't into the BBS shave and simply wants the best that I can get out of two passes I was was shocked! A BBS.


  11. Is that an amazing old razor or what? :001_smile

  12. Bravo Guido! Thanks for the photos and experiment results. The 1912 GEM razor and its exact twin, the 1912 Ever Ready, are the absolute best SE razors ever made IMHO. If you can find one with the ornate, heavy handle, the heft of the thing allows the razor to do its job with zero pressure. The head-angle and blade exposure are just perfect.

    As for the PAL blades, that dark carbon color really gives them a retro look; that they work well in the '12 GEM is exciting news. I'm going to find some myself. Go buy out that Dollar Tree!

  13. Wow, you guys are lucky. In the small town I live in, I can't find anything that isn't suitable for only scraping paint!
  14. I also have both the nickel and brass versions of the GEM 1912's with the ornate handles, as well as the shorter bar handled travel versions, but I was wanting to use the military GEM Junior because it is the only one I have ever seen and half the enjoyment is using something that few other people can use. And thanks to Tom and his Waits' for the identification of it.

    Anyway, I gave it another go yesterday with just as much success. The normal two passes were once again more efficient than a normal three pass DE shave. Incredible.

  15. Oh, and the handle on this military version has the same heft as the ornates.
  16. Guido: Try hand stropping to see how many decent shaves you can stretch out of one blade. I'm definitely curious to know how the carbon-steel strops.


    PS: Your razor is indeed a beauty

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