VDH Luxury Shaving Kits

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  1. There were two or three on clearance at the Lincoln, NE Target on south 56th St. They were $10 a piece, which is worth it for the mug alone! They are in the back with the Christmas clearance stuff.
  2. I stopped by my local Target on the way home and they were marked down to $5.99 so I picked up 2 of them. The VDH Luxury soap is usually close to $5.00 by itself.
  3. I found one too for 70% off, $5.99! For me it was a great deal for the holder to store my extra razors and brushes. The other stuff was icing on the cake.
  4. I'm on vacation and my car hasn't been driven in a week. It's snowing and I wouldn't mind a chance to get out there and slip-slide a bit. Perhaps I should hit up Target and see.
  5. Still $19.99 Arnold and Fenton MO locations.
  6. No luck at Killingly CT location. There are 4 end caps with clearance shaving kits, all gels and cartridges. The Christmas clearance in the back only had ornaments and wrapping paper and such.

    Is it this kit?
  7. That's the kit I found.
  8. It is a good kit. I found the soap to be too thin and not enough slickness in it, but the mild scent is nice (even find myself sniffing the brush again later that day). The mug is nice and is my go to mug currently. The brush and stand get no use, but soon I will use it as a PIF set. Debating on posting that PIF here or giving it to one of my brothers in the service.
  9. By any chance do you have the SKU # from your receipt? We can use an online inventory checker to see where it's in stock.
  10. The only VDH luxury sets that I saw at Target were full price. : /
  11. From my receipt, the SKU # is 049061262 and the description is "shaving set."
  12. Thanks. Doesn't work with inventory checkers, I think Target broke them. Come on Target, we want to free you of the crap you can't get rid of, help us out! [​IMG]

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