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  1. To allow the members of this forum to try Ultra Shave I'm making the following offer. The first six members to order will not be charged for the shave cream - postage charges only.

    Just go through to the checkout at Modern Gent, place your order and send a message in the comment box after, stating where you are coming from - put in your Badger & Blade user name. I assure you that your credit card will not be charged for any amount other than the postage. I will email you to let you know if you are one of the first half a dozen. If you are not one of the first six I will notify you and let you decide whether you still want to proceed.

    Ultra Shave comes in a 100 ml (3.4 fl oz) dispenser with a metered amount given out through an airless pump, so will give well over 60 days shaving.

    To find out more about the cream (the first cosmetic to use grape seed) go to the Ultra page and follow the links for testimonials and the eight years of research behind it.

    I would just ask that you let your friends, acquaintances and family know about the shave cream and I'm working out a reward for that as I write this.
  2. how do i know i'm one of the first six?
  3. Rob,
    In his post he states...
  4. I've seen many products that use grape seed...The whole CaliforniaNorth Appelation Spa line uses Grape Seed and so do the Peter Thomas Roth Shave products...Is there a difference in application making you the first??
  5. my speedreading techniques need some polishing...
  6. I can only quote from the inventor's mouth because as much as I wish I had come up with this I didn't. It was the first cosmetic product to make use of grapeseed oil - and this would have been eight years ago, maybe I should have been more specific.

    The ingredients of Ultra Shave are: Aqua, Glycerine, Stearic acid, Grapeseed oil & Geogard 221.

    Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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