trouble shaving around adams apple

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  1. My beard grows all the way down my neck and I have a large adam's apple. I can get everything really nice and smooth except around that area. I've tried multiple passes with, against, and sideways with the grain. I just find I can't really find a comfortable position to shave this area carefully without cutting myself and it never gets as smooth as the rest of my neck.
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    Pull your skin to the right or left so the the skin covering that area is to the side of the adams apple.
  3. Have it removed in the name of straight shaving! Wid's suggestion is more practical.
  4. give your razor a "running start"....gather some speed and give er a whack. YMMV.
  5. You'll find that if you can pull the skin over to a nearby flat spot, it will solve many trouble areas you have.
  6. thanks for the suggestions. I think i may go with wid's suggestion in the name of keeping blood in my body
  7. If you swallow and hold your throat closed, your adam's apple will recede and make the surface much more even. Then shave. Try it and you'll see what I mean.
  8. I do this and it works.
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  10. I'm also having difficulty with xtg. i get really smooth wth and atg, but i steel feel hairs when I run my hand xtg. I can't really find a way to get my razor in a position to do a good job. i've looked at the how to hold a razor pics and all, but the razor seems too big to fit properly, the tang hits my collorbone and lifts the razor so i can't get it flush with my neck.
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    That's no fun in straight shaving:wink2:
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    Practice and patience plays a huge roll with getting that BBS shave. Likely you may not be holding the razor properly since there are some massive chopper razors and can be used with little to no trouble by many.

    Check out joels video and see if you can get some of your questions answered.

    Also, it may sound silly but I practiced with a butter knife and lather to see what parts of my face I was still leaving lather behind. It helped me a lot.

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