Top three scents.

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  1. Stan

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    What are your top three scents of shaving soaps and/or creams?
  2. 1) DR Harris Arlington cream 2) CF Lime (or Lavender), 3) Acqua di Parma, or DR Harris Rose cream.

  3. I have to make it a Top 5 :thumbup:

    1. Acqua Di Parma - essentually Acqua Di Parma Colonia in a shaving cream. Some thinks this smells fishy, I don't get that at all. I get a lovely old school barber shop smell mixed with an old school citrus scent.
    2. Castle Forbes Lime - even though the shaving performance and lather quality I get from both my CF's are actually no longer in my Top 10, the Lime scent in this is just phenomenal !
    3. Tie between AOS Lemon and AOS Sandalwood. The sandalwood is the best and most natural smelling and take on real sandalwood. The lemon scent is just lemon done right.
    4. Tie Between DR Harris Arlington and DR Harris Windsor. Arlington smells just great of smoky citrus, Windsor is grape fruit and vetiver, just like Terre D'Herm├ęs fragrance.
    5. Tie Between Penhaligon Opus 1870 and Penhaligon Blenheims Bouquet. Blenheims Bouquet is just a nice old school spicy citrus and Opus 1870 is a sour sandalwood mixed with pepper and a rose note. Great stuff :001_wub:

    Worthy of mention: Proraso Red, Speick, AOS Lavender & CF Lavender, TOBS Jermyn Street, TF&H 1850, TF&H Grafton and Acca Kappa 1869.
  4. Niles

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    DR Harris Arlington (herbal, citrus)
    Cella (sweet almond/marzipan)
    Proraso (menthol)
  5. 1. EJ Sandalwood
    2. TOBS Jermyn St.
    3... About 15 soaps and creams fight for this spot.
  6. AOS sandalwood
    mikes natural barbershop
    Mystic Water rosalimone
  7. 1. Mystic Water Lily of the Valley.
    2. Queen Charlotte Iced Cucumber Melon (custom, smells like delicious watermelon with a menthol kick).
    3. RazoRock Mudder F (really grew on me after my initial impressions).
    4. TOBS Sandalwood.
    5. Lavender anything.
  8. 1. Pre de Provence soap
    2. La Toja stick
    3. TOBS sandalwood cream
  9. CF Lavender
    Trumper's Sandalwood
    TGR Black Ice
  10. Based on scent alone:

    1 - Tabac
    2 - Mama Bear's Ye Olde Barbershoppe
    3 - Rose scents in general (currently TOBS Rose cream & GFT Rose soap)
  11. Trafalgar
    Jermyn Street

    close behind - Windsor, have only tried the towelette so far though
  12. 1. Lavender
    2. Lavender
    3. Lavender

    Lavender is my all time fav scent for pretty much everything. My real list would be:

    1. Lavender
    2. Lime
    3. Whatever Proraso smells like
  13. in no particular order:

    CF Lime
    MdC Scented
    GFT Coconut
  14. Grafton, XXX, CF Lime and MdC / Dr Selby's
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  15. In no particular order :

    QCS Iced Key Lime
    P 160
    RazoRock xxx
  16. 1. AOS Sandalwood
    2. C&E Sienna
    3. TOBS Rose
  17. TOBS Mr. Taylor
    DR Harris Marlborough
    Musgo Real
  18. Scent alone? Hmm...

    AoS Lavender/T&H Trafalgar/CF Lime
  19. Sandalwood
    Bay Rum
    Everything else.
  20. creams

    1.T&H grafton
    2. vulfix sandalwood
    3. musgo real


    1. Qed Frankincense & Myrrh
    2. Mama bears Brut
    3. Klar Kabinett/ Tabac

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