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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Oregoneon, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. I went to the local thrift store today looking for a bowl to lather in and saw this while checking out. I'm a total newbie around here and have no idea what it is other than it's a gillette and it's in a cool wooden box. I figured for $4.99 i couldn't pass it up, between this and the bowl it was under 6 bucks. It needs a good cleaning but seems to be in good shape. Any ID help would be great.

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  2. Ooooohhhhhh..... AAAAaaaaaahhhhhh!!!
  3. Legion

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    Probably not the right section, but here I go with a Id.

    Looks like a Big Fellow box and the razor is not a Gillette, or at least it is a Frankenrazor with a gillette Tech head and a funny handle.
  4. interesting, i'm obviously not familiar with older razors at all. The head is a gillette. thanks for the help, for 5 bucks i'm not too worried about it.
  5. Legion

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    The box would be worth more than $5 to someone who needed one.
  6. bakerbarber

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    Well, I think the razor handle isn't a Gillette. It has a Gillette top part on the handle. No worries though.

    That wooden box is worth $5 all day long. If you don't want it, PM me, I need one.

    Originally it would have had a Big Fellow that filled the space nearly completely. You can see the razor in it now is only half way as long or so.

    I'd clean the razor up, disinfect it, and give it a shave! As long as it doesn't have anything bent or really rough it should shave really well.

    Good score!
  7. thanks for the help, i think that's what i'll do, just give it a try one of these days. i figured that it wasn't the original box that came with the razor, i just liked the looks of it to be honest and it was an impulse buy. I'll let you know how it shaves when i give it a go. thanks again
  8. That is an awesome score for that price, and the razor looks like it will clean up very nice. Anytime a person can find a vintage razor in the wild it is a win. Congrats, keep us posted with pictures after the lean up, and let s know how the shave went.
  9. bakerbarber

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    Just looking again, and you might have the wooden case that came with gold plated Big Fellows.

    I've had a gold plated big fellow in the original wooden box before and the hinges and hardware were all gold plated too. Most have silver or some other white colored hardware and hinges.

    Either way, it's solid score!
  10. alex2363

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    gillette tech razor head on a different handle and a big fellow case


  11. Very nice find, Enjoy!
  12. odd coincidence, i happen to have picked up a razor with the exact same handle as yours just last week, and it too was mounted to a gillette head, albeit an open comb old type, and in my case, the handle doesn't have enough thread depth to actually tighten the head down.

    definitely a cool case especially for $5 :)
  13. Nice Score!
  14. If I'd found that thing in the wild, I'd be all about cleaning it up and shaving it right away. Good find for a good price.
  15. it's been cleaned and came out very nice actually, i'll be testing it out in the morning, i'm still learning about DE shaving but i'm excited to try a different razor and see the difference
  16. Quite nice.
  17. Bud, I would strongly suggest you get your keister down to the local Kwik Mart and buy a lotto ticket as your luck is going darned good.
    I've been tearing up the local antique malls,resale shops and such looking for one of those cases for Great Grandpa's Bigfellow.
    Got the razor,the blade bank(that's what went in that rectangle depression above the razor slot) but sometime in the last 90/91 years the top of the lid went bye bye.
    Good find on the case keep an eye out for a single ring open comb and a blade box if you want to make it authentic or if you want PM me on a trade if interested.
  18. I've had my eye out for you one, but I've never saw one in the wild, with or without the razor!
  19. I wonder if on the bottom of the Tech head it says "Made in Canada/England" and the handle is of English (Gillette)manufacture.....??????

    Prolly not, just has that look to me......I don't know the English Gillettes that well.

    Yeah, baby....I would have paid 3 or 4 x what you paid just for the Big Fellow box.....but that's must me.....


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