The Three Badgers

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  1. Last month I decided to do a little project with three handles.

    The first was an Ever Ready 150 which I decided to drill out the knot and replace it with a 20 mm Best Badger and weighted the handle with six nickels for ballast and heft.

    The second was a Rex which I decided to drill out the knot and replace it with a 22 mm Best Badger (required that the knot be enlarged) and weighted the handle with seven nickels for ballast and heft.

    The third was an older model Burma Shave brush made before the production was transferred outside the U.S. This brush is the old Ever Ready C40 mold made after ASR folded all traditional shaving items under the Burma Shave brand. To remain at the same level and knot size the knot was drilled and removed and no additional ballast or drilling was done. The knot sits on the original shelf.

    The pictures will discuss the knot and loft sizes.


  2. Very nice. I really like the red and black handle.
  3. Let us know the differences you observe with the 52mm and 56mm lofts.
  4. Love the Constant Red theme, where where you purchase these knots from??
  5. Ebay and / or The Golden Nib.
  6. Looking fabulous! What kind of glue did you use to attach the knot?
  7. I used an epoxy that is a knockoff of JB Weld type. Once it is in, it is in. 5 minutes to full bond, 24 hour total cure so getting the knot in and correct in the first 30 seconds is critical.
  8. Thanks! I took a look at the JB Weld website and I'll have to give it a try. I hope this isn't the start of a glue AD!!!
  9. You've done a great job on these. I'm inspired to try my hand at restoring. In fact, I have a handle on the way at the moment and am looking at TGN knots in best.
  10. Here is one of these post bloom.

  11. Today's shave...


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