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Discussion in 'The Score' started by Doc4, Sep 12, 2008.

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    A simple enough idea ... when you use up a product, simply put a post in here about it. It seems that actually finishing something around here is a pretty rare occurance, and it might be worth a few comments about what you thought about the product, your plans to get more (or not, or you have a half-dozen already lined up).

    No samples, no DE blades!

    So far, I've finished ...

    a puck of SCS 'fairway' shave soap (I have more pucks of SCS soap lying about, and will likely get more when my supplies are down.)

    a bottle of T&H preshave oil. Meh. I'm not a preshave guy, just thought I was when I was a n00b.

    a tub of TOBS avocado. Great stuff ... I have too many other tubs of cream (mostly TOBS) to get a new one now, but eventually ...
  2. How long did that tub of TOBS last you?. I have 5 tubs of TOBS and don't think I'll use them all up in this lifetime.
  3. i've only used up a can of RFM shave gel through many years of shaving. (Mach3 with hot water for prep just doesn't use up many products...)
  4. Used-up stuff? Nobody told me we had to wait for something to be gone before buying new. I've got enough to last me through at least this decade. I won't soon be going to any funerals.
  5. 3 williams mug soaps
    1 van der hagen deluxe
    1 van der hagen glycerin
    1 col conk bay rum
    1 bottle of skin bracer
    1 bottle of aqua velva
    1 bottle of old spice

    there that should be up-to-date hah!
  6. I have used up in the last 8 months:

    - One tube of C. O. Bigelow (Proraso) shaving cream. What's not to like about Proraso? (Yeah, I know some guys don't like it . . . well, I'll be polite by not saying anything about them.:001_smile)

    - One tube of C&E Sweet Almond Oil SC. Very nice product, easily obtainable, but now out of production. :mad:

    - One tube of C&E Sienna SC. Also very nice (I did like the SAO just a tad more), but now also out of production (except for the over priced jar :frown:).

    No AS or EdCs to add yet, although some glass bottle Old Spice AS and cologne will soon be added. As will a tube of Speick SC.
  7. I thought you were suppose to leave a little in the bottom of the tubes, jars, bottles.. etc. I been doing it wrong:001_huh:
  8. Coates Tea Tree...RIP... :crying:

    J. Peterman 1904, Castle Forbes Limes: would buy again if on sale but not at current prices.

    Speick: will definitely buy again once my inventory of other stuff starts getting nibbled away. Great stuff.

  9. I've only been at this for around 18 months. My score so far:

    One tube of Speick cream.

    It was immediately replaced.
  10. Doc4

    Doc4 Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    Once the lid cracked, I used it daily for a couple of months or so ...
    Quite true!
  11. 3 pucks of Williams
    1 puck of Van Der Hagen deluxe
    1 tube of Kiss My Face
    2 pucks of Pirate's Cove soap
    1 puck of Tabac
    and 1 tube of proraso.
  12. I really had to give this some thought.

    1 tube Proraso.
    1 tube Musgo.
    1 bottle (small) AV.
    1 jar Proraso pre/post
    2, maybe 3, Palmolive Red (my first cream) when it was still sold.
    1 puck Old Spice soap (it is really quite good)
    1 puck MFW.
  13. oh, lots...wait no samples or DE blades?

    uhmmm, nothing yet.
  14. I've finally managed to finish a puck of Crabtree and Evelyn Sienna Shave Soap.

    It only took about oh two years.

    I really liked it but couldn't wait to get to the puck of C & E Sandlewood that is it's replacement.

  15. I used an erasmic soap up, and a tube of LEA cream, but now that there are over 150 products in my inventory it may be a while!
  16. i can imagine mantic's shave inventory. sort of like the episode where fry learns that due to 1000 years of intrest he's a billionaire and they all go shopping. and bender is in alien overlord and taylor when he get busted stealing and stuff falls out of his sweater for about 2 minutes.
  17. I hear ya, Mark. I loved Coates Tea Tree.

    On the other hand . . . I have pretty much stuck with Proraso the last couple of years. Sure, I still have fond memories about Coates Tea Tree . . . But Proraso is terrific stuff, and works very well for me.
  18. Col Conk's Almond and glycerin
    Several VDH Deluxe
  19. One tube Proraso creme
    One puck of VDH Deluxe soap

    Thats all so far, I seem to get more than I use. My wife finds this to be a problem. Feminine thinking isn't what its cracked up to be me thinks.
  20. JET


    Taylor Almond Cream - Loved it
    Master Bay Rum AS - Love it and got more
    Aqua Velva - Liked it and got more
    SCS Almond shave soap - Liked it
    Ogallala Bay Rum Cologne - Loved it and got more
    Classic Shaving Bay Rum Shave Soap - Liked it
    Honeybee Ye Old Barbershop Shave Soap - Loved it - Going to get another
    Proraso Pre-Post - Liked it, may get it again

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