TFS Bergamotto Neroli - First Impressions

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  1. First things first, recently there have been some discussions about the pricing of this product. Please understand how invaluable that type of commentary is, things are worth what people will pay for them, period.

    Now, I have been intrigued by this product for a while and was able to snatch some on the B/S/T(before the new year...standing firm on my commitment to the 2012 shave purchase sabbatical). Here's my thoughts and impressions after my first use...

    Packaging - Great container, identical to AdP with the exception of the label. Therein lies my first gripe, you spend all that time and money on creating a great product then you print out labels on you 90's bubble-jet printer?! Step your game up TFS!

    $photo (1).jpg

    Scent - This was my initial draw to this product, I grew up in Southern California in the middle of an orange grove and there is nothing better than when the trees are in full bloom and the smell of orange blossoms is in the warm So Cal air. Neroli is the oil from the orange blossom and can be fantastic but is very expensive. I have had both Matthew at QCS and Al at Al's Shaving make me a custom scent, trying to replicate that scent I remember growing up in the groves, and they did fantastic jobs. If I'm being completely honest, I was a bit let down by the scent, not that is a bad scent, it's not, but just not what i was expecting/hoping for from a high-end product that claims to use nothing but pure EOs in their soap. To me, the scent is a bit synthetic and more orange than orange blossom, but as I said, it's not a bad scent at all, very fresh.

    Now on to the good stuff...use. I decided to use my Bob Farvour "Zeagle" brush and EJ89 loaded with an Astra SP.


    I primarily face lather so I soaked my brush during my shower, squeezed out the water and loaded my brush for about 20 seconds.

    $photo (2).jpg

    I began to create lather on my face and the first thing that struck me was how quickly and easily this soap lathered. I have seen it compared to MdC, now I know why, a small amount of product goes a long way and the lather is plentiful.

    $photo (3).jpg

    The quality of the lather is definitely another reason people make the MdC comparison, truly fantastic, slick, cushiony lather.

    $photo (4).jpg

    I had plenty of lather for a 3 pass shave plus touch ups and a face wash with the excess and the results were perfect!

    Overall, TFS is absolutely a force to be reckoned with and can hold it's own next to just about any product and in my opinion is appropriately priced and I will definitely restock this item...if i ever finish it. If you get a chance to try this product, I highly recommend it, you won't be disappointed!
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  2. Great review!
  3. Thanks, Don. I hope you will also put this review in the review section, for future reference. Your impressions match mine a lot. A very nice soap, and exclusive too, as it is hand made in small batches. Such a product will come at a price. And because of all that I was looking in to the possibility of organizing a group buy. As this would be mainly for the US members, I would need some one in the US to assist me. If some one is interested, please pm me.
  4. This is one of my current favorites! I believe your issues with packaging have been addressed as a new tub with a different label is being sold right now.
    I haven't seen this tub in the flesh, but the labels look the same as the labels on my tub of TFS Tabacco Verde:
  5. Is this available from any of the usual vendors? That lather is sexy :D
  6. No, the sole distributor (barbiere di figaro) is in Holland. That is why we are trying for a group buy...
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  7. Maybe they're not one of the "usual vendors", but they are official B&B vendor so checkout the vendor section.
  8. The new tubs looks awesome.
    I used the BN just yesterday, a great soap!
  9. Absolutely. The point is that shipping one jar to the US costs about 22 usd, about the same as the soap itself. But shipping 10 in one box costs 30 usd! Of course then some one would have to distribute the jars in the US at about 5 usd each, but in this case the total shipping per jar would only be some 8 usd...
  10. Price

    Price Steward Contributor

    This stuff is getting enough good pub that I doubt you'll have trouble rousting up participants. You're probably right - the majority of participants will likely be US, so you'll want someone stateside to run it. Group buys are fun, and I'd happily run it were I not a committed "sabbaticalian" (thanks, Vlad).

    This stuff looks and sounds great, though, so it's definitely going to be near the top of the list next January.
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  11. the new jar looks very nice. good job TFS!
  12. How does it compare to ADP or MDC?
  13. Price

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    Those are my #1 & 2, so I'd be curious if anyone who has experience with all three can compare them...
  14. I've never tried AdP but this soap definately ranks up there with MdC IMO. So if anyone has some AdP to send me I'll gladly give my opinion of all three....any takers? :)
  15. Price

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    Your excellent review has me very interested, but I am sabbatically obligated not to purchase any for another 361 days. That said, I'd be happy to swap samples with you if you're up for it -I'll send you some AdP if you'd be willing to part with a bit of the TFS.
  16. Nice work around! I like the way you think.
  17. Price

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    Well, a man's gotta stick to his word. :whistling:
  18. Done, shoot me a PM and we'll make it happen.
  19. Well done Price; there's always a workaround, without breaking one's word!

    So, you place ADP ahead of MDC?
  20. Price

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    No, MdC is the world heavyweight champ for me, but AdP is a pretty durn close second.

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