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  1. I rarely see much love for T & H's Clubman. To my surprise, I quite liked it - even more than their other cologne samples.

    Usually, I am not a fan of even a trace of mint in a fragrance. I found Clubman to be quite refreshing and masculine. Yet, I have read less than positive reviews on this fragrance.

    I haven't bought this product before. What's the general consensus on T & H Clubman?


  2. Some will classify it as an aquatic, and while I do agree with that classification to an extent I feel it is a bit more endearing with the addition of the woodsy base. It is not the same "aquatic" as say, Freshman and 1805. It's also described as "minty", but I don't get that either, atleast not on my skin.

    I feel it's a step up in both quality and maturity from the other two aforementioned scents. Good fragrance for a younger guy looking to get out of the department store cliche' frags. All in all a very decent and well-done EdT that sets itself apart somewhat.
  3. I like it. I wouldn't mind having it in my rotation. I like to wear it with AV Ice Balm. But for the life of me, I can't tell the difference between Clubman and 1805.

    I keep thinking maybe T&H mixed up the samples.. but from what I read, they are similar "aquatic" scents. Maybe I just haven't trained my nose enough to pick out the note differences..
  4. Anyone have a sample of this?

    I had decided not to get into T&H; Freshman would be outdone by Green Irish Tweed, 1805 has a little black bastard cousin named Kenneth Cole, and Grafton was just a bit sharp and soapy for me, and would I wear it over Douro? Hmmm.

    Well, I just snatched a partial bottle of 1805 for a great price, and I really do like it, so now I'm wondering about the rest of the line again... I can test my samples, but I still have yet to try Clubman! And I hear it's one of the best. It sounds like my cup of tea.

    Does anyone have a sample of Clubman? Tradejasomethin!
  5. I agree with your comments. I did not find the T & H line very compelling; with the exception of Clubman. To me, they all smelled like clean smelling aftershaves. Good but not great IMO.

    I am by no means an authority, but I found Clubman to be quite unique. Not a show stopper... but a nice fresh "gentleman's" scent. Again, it's the very slight yet warm mint note that makes it unique to me. It doesn't come across as an aquatic. I wouldn't know how to classify this one.

    Sorry, I quickly used up both samples. Once I get any additional feedback, I am going to possibly hunt down a bottle.



  6. welll, all the T&H, GFT, D.R Harris scents are clean cut barbershop smells, not too complex, just something simple to feel well with yourself, a day to day splash, if you want complex and layered, Floris, Penhaligons, Creed, Caron,

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