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  1. I have a problem. I don't have a waist and unless I cinch my belt up tight, my pants fall down. So I am now wearing suspenders. I have chosen button suspenders because clip on suspenders tear up upholstery (especially discouraging on expensive leather and car upholstery). The trouble is finding either sew-on buttons (shipping is outrageous) or the hammer-on type are all from China (which I'm trying to avoid). I would like the hammer-on type if I can find a USA manufacturer. Anyone have suggestions?
  2. Wal Mart and chains like JoAnne Fabric sell buttons. You shouldn't have to pay for shipping and handling.
  3. I bought a bag of 100 BDU buttons on and they work well. The price was around $6 plus a few for shipping.
  4. This is the route that I would go.
  5. See here for some nail-on kind. Type "buttons" in the search window at the top of the page. This is what I use for my jeans; I face them with the button on the outside of the waist for comfort's sake. Am sure that any sewing store would have good buttons to use on the inside of the waist of your non-jean pants.
  7. go into a farm and garden shop and ask them if they have any hickory replacement buttons. Or any other supplier that sells hickory shirts.
  8. I only use them on suit pants, but I have my tailor put them in when he hems the pants.

    If I had existing ones I would either buy some regular buttons as other have suggested or wait and have my tailor handle it when I saw him next.

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