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  1. Hey guys i'm quite the noob at shaving with a safety razor, although ive been wet shaving for quite a while. After my recent purchase of a Merkur 38C HD long handle I ordered a few variety packs to hone in on a blade that gives me a nice smooth, irritation free shave. Now I have countless new blades laying around and was wondering if anyone had come up with a sleek way to store new loose blades? Any cleaver ideas out there?
  2. Altoids Tin.
    Altoids Smalls Tin.

    Works for me. Cheap, readily available. I use a smalls tin as a makeshift blade bank as well for spent blades. I cut a slot in the top toward one end. Many do not cut the slot and simply open the tin and deposit the spent blade.

    Welcome aboard.
  3. Plastic baggy. I don't have that many.
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    welcome to the badger.................i just toss them in my bathroom's built in wall cabinet's blade dispenser.
  5. Haha, I don't think he means spent blades. Personally (running a cigar store) I have TONS of nice cedar cigar boxes laying around. One of the nicer Drew Estates boxes now holds my shaving overflow. It doesn't have much in it right now, but I have some blades and if I am able to recover my packages ebay misrouted I should have some extra razors & such to add to it. I also have bags of desiccant, my buddy gets it in big bags from work, but you can just cut them open & portion it out into a bit of cheesecloth & just tie it with a bit of string or wire. I have thought about lining it, a buddy of mine made a coffin for his wedding with just some foam, fabric, razor knife & spray adhesive. The tuck & roll he did looked really sharp.
  6. I just stack them in a plastic tupperware (or similar) container.
  7. I keep my extra blades in a modified jewelry box. The loose ones, that is. The full packs and sleeves I just keep in a drawer. Now that I'm thinking about it though, I really should find a better, dry place to store the blades.
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    That works for me.
  9. Search the forum for "Blade Bank"
  10. I think he does mean blades because he said he has countless blades lying around from his variety pack.

    There's a cool thread for used blades. For new blades, I keep mine on my dresser sometimes because there are no kids around...
  11. I wasn't as clear as I should have been and as a result the thread tilted toward blade banks.
    I use Altoids tins large and small for all blade storage. One small was converted to a blade bank.
    The rest make very compact blade storage boxes.
    Sorry to inadvertently misdirect the thread.
  12. You use a lot of altoids!

    That looks convenient, luckily I don't have many loose ones so all of mine fit in a ziplock sandwich bag just fine.

    I want to get a box of 100 but I don't know if I'd take them out of the big box.
  13. +1 on cigar boxes. I keep my assorted sundries in one, it works very well.
  14. Cigar boxes are made to hold moisture, wouldn't that be not what you want??
  15. i store all my blades in my vintage mugs that i display in my cabinet, when i need one, i just search for the right mug, and bingo bango boingo, bob's your uncle :)
  16. I have a pretty cool, old mens jewelry box that I keep my razors and blades in, the loose ones, I simply leave loose but have nicely stacked, I don't have a ton of them so its not a big deal.

    I'm actually out of room in my box now, so I'm on the hunt for another jewelry box. I like the fact that they're vintage like the razors and it looks pretty awesome opening the big drawers and seeing all my gear.
  17. Thats a pretty slick idea, might have to give that a try. I move around a lot so I needed something sturdy to store them in. Thanks for the idea!
  18. I use a 20-gallon Rubbermaid tub. It's full, and I need to find something different, so I'm also looking for ideas.
    -- Chet
  19. I keep a couple hundred loose blades in a drawer in the sink cabinet. I keep my "stash" of (way too many blades) on a shelf in my office.

    I use a number of different blades at a time. I keep my open (in use) blades on paper blade wrappers on the sink counter marked 1 through 6 for the number of shaves on each blade. After shaving I take the blade out, pat it dry, and move it down a number. That is the only way I can keep track of how many shaves I have on a dozen different open blades.


  20. I had to explain what that little slot in her medicine was for to my sister. Her house was built just after WWII and she has the original medicine cabinet. I can just imagine the pile of used razor blades in the stud bay.

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