Speick vs. Proraso throwdown

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by ouch, Jun 10, 2012.

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    This weekend I decided have back to back "one brand" shaves. Both Speick and Proraso have marvelous products, but who will reign supreme in bathroom stadium?

    Part 1, Saturday-
    Speick cream
    Speick aftershave splash
    Speick aftershave balm
    Dovo Bergischer Lowe
    Simpson Berkeley 46
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  2. ouch

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    Part 2, Sunday-
    Proraso cream
    Proraso aftershave splash
    Proraso aftershave balm
    TI Le Grelot
    Simpson Berkeley 46
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  3. I just pictured your avatar biting into a raw green pepper.
  4. OK...where's the Speick Deo?
  5. ouch

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    First off, you'll notice I used the creams instead of the more popular soap or stick. I'm more of a soap guy, but I prefer the cream versions of these products. The nod in terms of slickness goes to Speick, with Proraso providing the greater cushioning. I prefer the light scent of the Speick to the powerful menthol kick of the Proraso. Both can be considered terrific bargains. This is a virtual tie- Speick rules in the winter, Proraso gets the nod in the summer

    As for the splashes, the Speick is the more effective- it's one of the very best splashes you can find. The Proraso is a delightful, old school product that will wake you up with a bracing jolt. Overall, the edge goes to Speick with its soothing alum and near perfect performance.

    Balms- the Proraso crema liquida dopobarba is a lightly scent yet delightful cream that is more akin to a milk than a heavy balm. It goes on easily, and just feels right. The Speick is one of the heaviest (and borderline greasiest) balms I've encountered. It seems to take forever for it to be absorbed into the skin, and you'll retain a greasy sensation for quite some time. It's great for the winter, but takes second place behind the all around, all year excellence of the Proraso.

    So which was the better shave? The Speick. This time. Next time I may prefer the Proraso. Good thing I have them both!
  6. Nice compression. Speick and Proraso are my two favorite value brands.
  7. Great review. I have never tried Speick but I have been tempted. I find I like the cream version of Proraso as well, but I move towards the pucks in the winter since the menthol is not needed for the cooling sensation when it's - 35 Celsius outside.

    I really liked your description on the splash. I had been a Nivea balm guy for years, and only use it in the winter's as well, or if I have a really bad shave. I think I may be sold on the Speick. How do you find the staying power?
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  8. I agree with you, that Speick is some powerful stuff. I just got a tube to try last week, I used less of it than I do Proraso and after shaving and rinsing down copious amounts of excess lather I found a schmear of it on the bottom of my cup that hadn't even lathered up. *LOL* I have to say I'm not a big fan of the smell, but my skin feels AWESOME after the shave. Even with that scent, I'm still gonna keep some around.
  9. Nice comparrison, I like Proraso in the hot summer weather. However I really want to try some Speick AS splash soon after hearing some good things about it. What kind of scent does it have, if anyone can describe it? Also how long does the scent stick around?
  10. Speick has a really nice scent that lingers some but not overly long. The scent is hard to describe, sort of herbal semi sweet and very manly. Suitable for both young and older guys.
  11. ouch

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    I agree- that scent is haunting.
  12. Great throwdown! These two have been my primary choices for about two months now.

    Two questions:

    Proraso SC - old formulation or new?

    Speick AS balm - old (in the bottle) or new (in the tube)?
  13. Can't speak about the Spieck but the new formula Proraso cream is hands down slicker and an all-round better performer than the old.

    The menthol HAS been dialed down but the effectiveness is waaaay better.
  14. Interesting. I hate these indescribable scents. It makes me super curious and who knows if I'll even like it!
  15. The nice thing about both these product lines is that they are both fairly inexpensive, and if you like the SC you have a good chance of liking the AS.
  16. Great head to head review of two products that are very nice to use
  17. ouch

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    I'll go you one better- I can't see anyone not liking these products, at least in the case of the Speick splash and the Proraso balm.
  18. ouch

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    Part 3, new competition-
    Musgo Real cream
    Musgo Real aftershave splash
    Musgo Real aftershave balsalm
    Dovo Prima Klang
    Berkeley 46B (for consistency)

    The Musgo cream is fantastic- fabulous grassy scent, super slick and cushioning. The lanolin is a love it or hate it affair. This cream was made to be superlathered with MWF.
    The splash is the single finest aftershave extant, period.
    The oddly named balsalm is a stealth product- it hardly gets any press, but it is amazing. It's thicker than Heinz ketchup yet nowhere near as greasy as the Speick balm.

    All three products are variation on a central theme, scentwise. If you only get one, by all means get the splash.
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  19. This is interesting. If I were on a deserted island, my first choice would be Speick and my second choice would be Proraso. I couldn't choose between the two honestly though. Speick's scent is intoxicating to me. It along with Proraso are the only two products in my den where I have almost the full line. Speick Soap, AS, Balm, Stick, Cream, etc.
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  20. Speick cream is always in my rotation!:closedeye Great cream with a great price!:thumbup1:

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