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  1. Hi guys,

    New guy here, just started shaving a week or so ago and can't believe I have not done this sooner. Anyways I have a quick question. I found an Old Spice mug like my dad and Grandpa had and it just felt right to own one for myself. Now the issue I have is I bough some Van Der Hagens Deluxe soap and put it in the mug and it really is too small so i was wondering does anyone know of any soaps that will fit nicely into the Old Spice mug????? Or is that the common size for puck soad???

  2. You can just grate it up using a cheese grater and press it in. That's what most people do and it works perfectly. A larger puck may fit, but it could also be too big. Grating if anything only makes loading the soap easier
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    You can also use a vegetable peeler to shave the edges, drop the shavings in the bottom of the mug and plop the puck on top.
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  5. Occitane fit well! Great soap too.
  6. Any soap will fit in any mug with some trimming, smooshing or, in the case of soaps that don't contain tallow, microwaving.
  7. The best soap to put in your Old Spice mug is some Old Spice soap! :laugh:
    But, given the Ebay prices for it, that may not be a reasonable option for you. As others have said, you can always just grate a soap and then mush it into the mug. If the puck is larger, then trimming the edge to fit will work as well.
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    This is probably the most common answer. Just get your own grater - the wife may not appreciate you commandeering the one from the kitchen for soaps. :biggrin1:
  9. +1 on grating the soap. I find that I like to have a whole bunch of different soaps to choose from and if I just buy a puck, I can put it into any container I have when I get finished grating it.
  10. Haslinger pucks are small and fit in the OS mugs with room to spare.

    They also totally kick posterior in shave performance (like vintage OS soap did).
  11. VDH will melt to conform easily. I do two 15second blasts in the microwave then allow to cool and VOILA!
  12. +1

    Any glycerin based soap will melt to liquid with the microwave. I do it in one blast of 20 seconds. My favorite soap is Col Conk Bay Rum. The scent somewhat resembles the original Old Spice fragrance but better.

    If you can find a 3" puck (such as VDH Luxury at Target if they still have any) it fits without microwaving.
  13. $20130223_164702.jpg $20130223_164709.jpg $20130223_164744.jpg $20130223_164830.jpg $20130223_165020.jpg

    This is how i do it :) Short bursts!

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