Smoke This! Cigar Canoeing? Hold your stick up straight!

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  1. [​IMG]Smoke This!...Cigar Canoeing? Hold your stick up straight!!! :thumbsup:

    "Regarding Canoeing: I found that if you simply leave the slow burning portion of your stick at "6 o'clock." The burn will correct itself

    within a few minutes. I've tried this numerous times and it works quite well. No touch-ups required"!!! [​IMG]

    By Wayne Foran in Reading, PA


    [​IMG] "My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best". Sir Winston S. Churchill
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    I find that the bottom of the stick burns faster than the top if smoking indoors with no breeze. I usually set the cigar in the ashtray canoe side up until it evens itself out. I'll have to try the 6 o'clock thing, thanks.
  3. That's the only method I've ever used to control uneven burn. We don't have a fancy word for it, mind :001_smile
  4. I find that canoeing arises for me if my cigars are stored at at RH that is too high (i.e. its a humidity issue). Currently store at 65% and have had zero canoeing issues. I do spin the cigar (i.e slow burning side faces up) if i have uneven burn issues before i will touch up
  5. There's a difference between a cigar that is burning a little uneven and one that is canoeing. I find that most issues with a canoeing cigar is due to improperly bunched filler, with the burning side being less dense than the other. If the cigar has one section where the burn takes off down the side, I usually let it go and see if it will correct it's self, if it gets too bad a torch lighter is used to correct (punish) the cigar. .
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  6. Really? I always thought what people refer to as canoeing is just uneven burn that's been allowed to get very uneven. What is the difference?

    Agreed - unven fill is the biggest cause of uneven burn :wink2:
  7. Canoeing is where one side of the cigar burns faster than the other. Severe uneven burn
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  8. I've never had this problem with Cubans. However, all these suggestions always work for me.

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