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    Putting in a order for there face wash and a couple other items to try if I dont ship out before it gets here and have enough time to really put it to use and write a review....I will....Look out.
  2. IT is good - but crushingly expensive.
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    True True.............but while I may love my current line up, variety is the spice of life. Some ones gotta try it and give the review......might as well be
  4. So, I've been using X-Trap for about 5 days now...
    It is a great cleanser. You need only a little bit of it (as in my experience, 1/2 pump was just as effective as a full one). I can't describe the smell, but it's mild and pleasing. Unlike other cleansers I've tried, this one doesn't foam nearly as much. It cleans the skin VERY well, however, it also dries my skin out (mostly on the cheeks and chin area), if I don't use a moisturizer within 5 minutes of rinsing off.

    I've ordered a bunch of samples from them, and should have them mid-to late next week. I'll report back sometime then and update you on the x-trap if things change.

    I should mention, I'm quite impressed with how quickly they process the orders. Both times, the orders were processed and a tracking number for the package provided within 4 hours!!!
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    please do...did you say you have combo skin?
  6. yep...oily forehead and nose, somewhat dry cheeks

    after washing (no toner or moisturizer applied), my forehead will be normal, cheeks will be very dry

    after applying most moisturizers, cheeks will get the moisture they need (sometimes too much) and forehead/nose will be very oily
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    You know you very well could have normal could be the products that you use that give you the complexinon you have.

    I have combo skin but the more I use my current setup the more my complexion looks better and my skin seems to be normal. Cheeks are not as dry and forhead and nose is not nearly as oily. What moisturizer do you use?
  8. Right now, I just started using Baxter Oil-Free far it's the best one for my skin...not too oily, and skin gets all the moisture it needs.

    Previously, I've tried all sorts...Shiseido, Clinique and countless others, all of them would leave my skin way too oily.
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    I can understand using a oilfree on your forhead and nose but why would you use a oil free on dry skin. Baxter is good stuff.....If im going to be out in the sun for a day I will apply baxter supershape with spf15 but the oil free never does a thing for my dry skin. Just a thought
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    Just curious if your samples came in and how things are going with the xtrap.........what samples did you get.
  11. The order hasn't come in yet (i'm expecting it by the end of the week).

    The x-trap is working well, as long as I apply a moisturizer right after using it. The cleaning power of it is great, as I mentioned earlier, and I only use about 1/3 to 1/2 pump. I just wish it lathered/foamed a bit more.

    The samples I ordered include: Cool Aid, Crystal Creme, Liquid Crystal (heard their shampoo is great, but I want to try a sample before putting down $36 for a bottle), Sir Activ, White Out (this is the sample I'm looking forward to the most, as I need something for around my eyes after those long weekends LOL) and X-trap (to carry with me to the gym).

    The oil-free seems to give more than enough moisture for my entire face, including the cheeks.
  12. Review of samples:

    1) Cool Aid - despite it's name, the balm didn't have any "cooling" effects on the skin, however, it does leave the skin feeling very smooth and is extremely moisturizing (no moisturizer required afterwards)

    2) Liquid Crystal/Crystal Creme - the shampoo and conditioner clean the hair very well and leaves it very manageable, shiny and soft (but not silky), however, for the price I was expecting something more...

    3) Sir Activ - the scrub smells very nice, but performs (IMHO) mediocre, you need to use a fair bit of it to get enough "grains/pebbles" to do the scrubbing and since this costs an arm and a leg...there are much better values out there

    4) White Out - i've used it a number of times now, and I really can't see/tell if it made any difference
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    Interesting...........I had high hopes for the shampoo/conditioner/scrub......oh well, I know not to order those samples.

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