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  1. has anyone tried there products?? just wondering if it works??
  2. I tried the shea butter African blacksoap stuff, not sure about the exact name of it now. I ended up giving it away because I couldn't stand it. It is impossible to lather, gunked up my brush, and clogged my razor with the smallest pass. I'm not sure if this is the same product you're refering to, but if it is I would suggest to stay away.
  3. I believe the only thing that is of any use to wetshaving is the brush which I have all but quit using. Its a good brush but I think a little to much flop for me at this point.
  4. actually its the same stuff. i dont know whether or not you got it at walmart, but that is where i got mine. right now im just using the facial wash and scrub since i have issues with ingrowns
  5. I did get mine at WalMart. It sais not to expect a lather, so that's not so much the issue as the gunking of the razor and the inadequate lubrication. In the 'reviews' section of B&B there is a review of the shea butter, and many people suggest using it as a pre-shave; as in putting it on your face with your fingertips, then using a brush and shave soap on top of that. I didn't try that though because it already clogged my razor so bad that I was afraid adding soap on top would only make it worse.

    You may end up loveing the stuff, but I was not a big fan.
  6. I was PIFed the brush. I used it 2 or 3 times and agreed with the PIFer that it was so floppy that it was useless for face lathering. It sprayed water all over the place. It's a good bowl latherer though. I PIFed it back out with that understanding.
  7. The brush works well for face and bowl, soap and cream it is a bit floppy and stritchy but its like 8 bucks. The cream is grabage imho see above or reviews section to find out why.
  8. I haven't used it personally, but it got several votes as "the worst cream ever" in my recent poll.


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