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  1. I've just picked up some Shaving supplies today.

    I've started shopping at an Pakistani / Indian grocery store, the owner is just putting in a shaving section. He just got his first shipment today he plans on stocking shaving cream, razors, blades and brushes.

    I was hoping he's get Godrig in but it did not come but he is planning on getting it in He did get in Dettol Lather Shaving Cream 70g + 21g for a total of 91g for $3.50 and Laser Ultra Triple coated blades 5 for $1.99 He has brushes coming, he also brought in some Laser Razors with a 5 pak of blades for $6.95. The brush I got was $3 it was a 4711 Sir Brush made in Germany it's a synthetic brush and surprisingly it's a "Lather Monster" it's softening with use, but it still offers a vigorous face massage.

    The Dettol Cream really surprised me, It lathers the best out of the lathers I've used mainly C.O. Bigalow & The Body Shop For Men Shave Cream. It's odor was not noticeable just smelling it from the tube, but as lather developed it gave off a "Fresh" scent it's predominant note was "Pine" but not an obnoxious Pine like Pine-sol more a light pine.

    My shave tonight was all Indian products My Parker 96R the Dettol and Laser Blade and got a DFS.

    If you want more information on the store location and contact information message me and I'll pass on the information to you. The Store Owner will be glad to order stuff in for you.

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