Shaving over a small cut?

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  1. The yesterday I wasn't paying too much attention and I seemingly have myself a decent gash across my top lip, rather dead centre. I apparently must have moved my head or something, because I felt a small pinch, and then almost like a paper cut my lip formed a line of blood. Nothing too bad, however it is scabbed over today.

    So my question is: How do I approach this? Do I shave over it, and hope I don't end up ripping it off?! Or shave around it? Or should I just let it grow out for a couple days until it comes off? (I have an entire week of half days, where most people practically come in still wearing their PJs.)

    I guess thats what happens when you don't pay attention whilst using sharp objects! (This coming from the guy who managed to shave the tip of his finger pad off taking out the rubbish!)
  2. Don't shave over it! You will more than likely open up the wound again. You can shave around it. It should heal up in just a few days, so you can get back to your normal routine. Ask me how I know?:sad:
  3. I generally use the same razor (and blade type) most of the year, but will switch to my back up razor (and blade) after a nick or cut. Of course, taking a couple of days off helps the most.
  4. If you have to shave over it, shave at right angles to the cut. And, NO PRESSURE.
  5. I've never really given myself a really bad cut, but what I'll do with any cut is just shave around it. Its not all that noticeable, and heals in a day or two. I usually only shave a couple times a week, I'm retired, so it hasn't been a problem for me. I would try to stay away from it though.
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    Let it heal. Grow a stasch for a couple of days. I do the same thing occasionally on the back of my head; if I don't let it go, it never really heals.
  7. I was dealing with this just this morning. I attempted my first shave with a straight yesterday and gave myself a nice nick dead center on my chin. My technique is to put my index finger over the cut/nick so that I don't forget where it is and shave over it. Then, when I've completed the rest of my shave, I gingerly shave the area where the cut/nick is, applying very little pressure.
  8. If you keep removing the scab (by shaving over it) it will scar, try to avoid it
  9. You grow a mustache on the back of your head? For a long time I thought my mother had eyes in the back of her head, but I've never heard of a mustache on the back of a head. The things one can learn on B&B!
  10. I wish I could grow a mustache on the back of my head. :wink2: It just keeps getting thinner and thinner.
  11. You might want to consider DE shaving in the shower, the steam and lather might be just what you need to keep the whiskers soft. And for Pete's sake go slow!

    Good luck!
  12. As I mentioned I wasn't paying attention and somehow slid it across my lip sideways. Or perhaps slid my lip across it (if I moved my head...)

    Ahh yes a mustache in the back of your head... people must find you rather... unique!

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