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  1. I'm in Fairfield Country (Ridgefield specifically). I know the Danbury Fair Mall has the Body Shop, L'occitane, and Crabtree and Evelyn. Do you guys know of anything else in the CT area?
  2. Similarly the Farmington Mall has The Body Shop and C&E.

    In addition there's also the Victorinox Store there. However, last I checked they're having a "Going Out of Business sale". Except its been going on for a couple months now. They have quite a good selection of Merkur razors and I think Dovo Straights. As well as some brushes, to which the brand escapes me at the moment. Probably Dovo as well.

    I wander in every now and again, only problem is their shaving supplies seem priced kind of high. Especially when I can get quite a few goods cheaper but still new online. Or better yet, much cheaper used razors right here on the BS&T Forum! Unfortunately, last I checked none of the shaving items were on Clearance. Nor were any good knives, or multi-tools, or flashlights part of their "Sale". Most everything marked down was luggage, maybe some watches, clothing, etc.
  3. Farmington Mall AKA Westfarms Mall. Victorinox Store is still open and it was a store I never visited before until today as I as doing some Christmas shopping and just wandered in there because I saw a brush set in the outside display. I was surprised there was shaving brushes, DE's and straights there. So I did a search on here to see if anyone else knew if Victorinox which led me to this thread.

    I agree everything there was way overpriced and there are better alternatives to go to. Plus any of the mall stores you never get people that actually know and use our most humble tools.

    And if you didn't know already there is a great B&M in Southington, CT
  4. I just moved to the area and found "Gentleman's Best" in Southington Ct. Go see Ray he has a great selection and priced right. His is always on this site a big promoter of it. Look for Thirdeye
  5. Montana for Men in Stamford. They sell either Harris or Trumpers (can't remember which) and you can also get a proper straight razor shave. The lady receptionists alone justify the trip.

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