Shavepocalypse upon us?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by Eudjinn, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. israeli red pack personnas are sold out everywhere!!?? def at WCS and no more 100s on ebay.... whats going on here?
  2. I just found someone on the bay that has them in 50's -- search for red pack personna.
  3. yes that same seller had them in 100s but took the listing down so i got worried. i did just buy 50 just in case...

    WCS just recently ran out of 100s too and they seem to be "out of stock" of items for a long time or forever even? If you look at their razors, a lot are OOS and have been for a while.

    not trying to start a riot, but....

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  4. Whew! I got into straight shaving at the right moment!:thumbup1:
    I used to like those reds.
  5. they are back in stock at WCS, but at a 2 dollar mark up
  6. shavepocalypse upon us be!!! I've been trying to get a 100 pack of reds at WCS and they've out for quite some time now. I'm on their list of notification when they become available. I am fearful though... what if? what if? and no blades? arghhh!
  7. I saw 100 packs on the Bay yesterday...and they're gone now, I just double checked. He only has 50 packs.

    What is the world coming to? Thankfully, I love Astras.
  8. +1 there's plenty of other good/better blades out there
  9. Several posters have mentioned that they've found only packs of 50.

    So what's the problem? Just order two 50 packs. Sure, the price is probably a little higher. However, if you really love the blade and are worried about future availability, then the slightly higher price shouldn't be a problem.
  10. I have it on good word that they're not going to be discontinued. There's just been some lag time as the manufacturer goes from old stock to new stock, which will be the same blades, only slightly more expensive.
  11. I highly doubted that the Red Pack/Crystals would be discontinued. These are very popular and sought after blades that have high demand.

    Tutti Frutti, Cheers:001_smile:001_smile
  12. I'm sure the Red packs of the personna will be back shortly.
  13. arggh... shavepocalypse is upons us! WCS is out of Red IPs and Crystals!:bored:
  14. Imagine how I feel, my favorite blade has been out of stock for 25 years. . . . . :laugh:

    Tons of crystals/personnas on the bay . . . .

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