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  1. I am planning a trip soon so I looked through my shave cream tubes to determine if any would be allowed. The rules in the U.S. are 2.5 ounces while in Europe I believe it is 100ml.
    This is unfortunate due to the fact that a lot of tubes come in the 100ml size but this too large for U.S regulations. 2.5 Fl.oz = 73.9338 ML.

    What is important is not the actual size of the tube but what is printed on it....It is possible that a small tube of cream with just 100 ml printed on it might make it through...I have not tried this to see if the cream would be confiscated!

    After looking through my collection, these are the tubes of creams I have that would qualify to be taken on a plane in your carry-on.

    1) Speick Printed: 2 1/5 fl. oz. e 75 ml
    2) Mr. Taylors Printed: 75 mle 2.5 Fl Oz
    3) Muhle-Pinsel Printed e75ml 2.5fl Oz

    Close, but no
    1) Truefit & Hill Printed: 75mg e 2.6oz
    2) Musco Real NO PRINTED SIZE ( Looks to be about 2.5 oz)

    Many at 100 ml or 100 gram
    1)all the Arko creams Printed 100g./ 94ml e
    2) Nivea Printed 100mle
    3) Tabac cream Printed 3.6 oz 100mle
    4) Derby creams printed 100grams e

    Can anyone add to this list?
  2. The limit in the US is 3 oz (about 88 mL).

    Check out:

    In any case, the easiest is to get small containers to put your favorite creams in. No need to take more than necessary. On a recent three-week trip, I found that two 2-oz portion of TOBS cream were more than enough for 20 shaves. Get some 1-oz containers with screw caps. You may even already have such containers, in case you received samples with any of your other cream purchases.

    Best - MM

  3. I've heard tell of TSA agents demanding original packaging, and trashing everything else. It's all a giant load of steaming manure.

    I think Trumpers tubes are 2.5 oz, and should meet all requirements. Small eShave tubs are 2oz-- and excellent, IMO.
  4. I was on a trip with a disposable razor (which sucked), a boar brush and a tube of Proraso with a quarter of the cream remaining, the end rolled up. The TSA agent unrolled the tube, saw that the 5.2 oz. printed on it and claimed it was over the limit. I asked her if she really though that there was 5.2 oz. of cream remaining in the tube. Her answer: "Doesn't matter. That's what it says on the package." I then said, "That's a fantastic literal reading of the facts," to which she then glared at me. I told her to go ahead and keep it.
  5. How can that be with so many companies making money selling the "travel container" kits these days? :rolleyes:

  6. Limey

    Limey Moderator Emeritus

    QED shave sticks are great travelers at 2oz each! :smile:
  7. Remember, these are just humans who move people along and are not allowed to make decisions. Amazing that one can have a brain and not be allowed to use common sense at all.
  8. Amazing that despite all this scrutiny, a man can land in a US airport with a monkey hidden under his hat. The rules are reactionary, arbitrary, and do next to nothing to guarantee safety. We shouldn't stand for it.
  9. I've heard tell of TSA agents demanding original packaging, and trashing everything else.

    You might have got the "bad apple" TSA. We had no problem whilst traveling to Hawaii. My daughter inadvertently had a glue stick in her carry-on that was discovered but we just threw it away. A generic 3 oz container packed properly in a quart-size baggie should go through fine.
  10. She was following TSA rules, so don't blame her. She would get into trouble if she would start using her brain. Blame the d...heads in DC, instead. Best - MM
  11. Limey

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    I've heard and seen 3.4 oz allowed at different airports.
  12. Doc4

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    Why not shave soap? The restrictions are for liquids and gels, not for solids. A tub of Mama Bear should go through just fine, and not have to be put in the silly plastic baggie.
  13. Funny story. On a recent trip to Cancun while standing in the security line, my wife noticed a sign with the ziploc bag rule. In a panic, she put her little bottle of perfume in her purse in her bag of crackers and sent it through the x-ray machine to avoid the agents forcing her to toss it. They had a pretty good laugh about it.
  14. Indeed. I'm in the middle of a trip now, and packed a tub (not tube) of Proraso soap through security checkpoint.
  15. When did TSA add monkeys to the list?:lol1:
  16. When did TSA add monkeys to the list?:lol1:

    "Everybody's got something to hide, 'cept for me and my monkey."
  17. Tinzien

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    I have not had any issues bringing a QED or MB shaving soap w/ a slant through airport security around the country.
  18. A while ago. The news was suppressed, though, so as not to publicize the special exemption written in for Air Force 1.
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    I've brought Taylor's or T&H Almond on aboard on every trip I've been on in the past year. Of course, they took away my DE blades once (and it was HELL to find any in Washington). The lady said "I didn't think anyone used these kind of razors anymore," to which I wanted to reply "no, just us terrorists," but that woulda' got me strip searched I'm sure.
  20. I use the smaller size Proraso soap tub and a disposable razor if I'm not checking bags. If I am checking then I bring my travel Gilette. I also wondered about whether the liquids/gels had to be in original packaging. Seems dumb because there's no way they could tell if what's inside was the same as what's on the label. The problem is probably if the container isn't marked with a weight/volume. I got a couple of little plastic squeeze bottles from the drugstore that have "2 oz" pressed into them. Probably could scan a bottle of Skin Bracer and print out a mini-label :w00t:

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