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  1. I am looking for recommendations for good razors to restore and use/resell. I've gotten a couple of Wade & Butchers and Genevas. I've looked on ebay for Southern and Richardson but no luck. Any suggestions?


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  2. Most vintage German, English and American razors are good. It is often more a matter of preference really. If you see one on ebay and think you will be able to restore it, buy it and start working on it. Start with the cheaper ones and if you are proficient you can afford to take on Pumas, Dubl Ducks etc.
  3. Thanks fellas. What I'm looking for is a brand to look for. I know Wade & Butcher is well respected but what other brands are especially good?


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    Goerge Wolstenholm
    Fredrick Reynolds
    Dubl Duck
    William Elliot

    To name but a few.
  6. Thanks Jlander! Now we're getting somewhere!


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  7. Greaves and Sons, at the Sheaf Works
    Edwin Blyde and Co Sheffield
    Cadman and Sons, Sheffield (Bengall)
    Jaques Le Coultre, Switzerland (look in the B&B review section for pics and evaluation on this one)
    Wade, Wingfield &Rowbothom, Sheffield
    Gotta, Solingen
    Kama, Solingen
    Union Cutlery, Olean NY
    Geissen & Forsthoff

    The Solingen razors sold by barber's suppliers under their various proprietary names are usually a good bet, too.

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