SE: Treet/CVS/BlueStar: Are all "009 RD" blades the same?

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by azrichter, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Having found great success with a Gem Featherweight, I've been researching single edge blades. It doesn't take long...

    I've gotten my hands on 3 carbon steel blades: Treets, Gem Blue Star and CVS blades. All three have 009 RD stamped on the spine.

    Are these 3 packagings of the same blade? Are PALs any different?

    I haven't tried the CVS blades yet but if they're the same as Treets, I'd be delighted ($3.50/10). Love the Treets.
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  2. They must be the same in a sense. Maybe they differ in their coating. I know the PAL's are blued steel, but still bear the same stamp. Other than that I can't tell any difference between the CVS and PAL's.
  3. The 009 just refers to the thickness of the blade, .009 of an inch. I suspect that the RD stands for regular duty which Personna/ASR lists on their site as .009 of an inch. As for coatings, grinds, etc. there are probably differences, try them and see what works for you. I agree that the Treets are a nice blade.

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