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  1. I seem to remember some sort of really cool looking SE razor that had kind of an "open work" design to it. I thought it was called a lather catcher but now I can not seem to find one. Does anyone have an idea of what I am talking about???

  2. I think you are talking about one of the early GEMs, pre 1912, but others know way more then me.
  3. Yes. And it is called a lather catcher as you can see here. For better pics, check out Cooncat Bob's vendor thread. He did some swish custom handles. I think the Ever Ready has the best cutout head design but Star looks pretty cool too. Not that I would turn down a GEM...

    I blame B&B for making them unaffordable, but I suppose I should thank B&B for being interested at all.
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  4. There are many different kinds of lather catchers... Stars, Gems, and Ever-Readys being the most common. Can you remember anything more about the one you're thinking of?



  5. Ouch! (I'm not calling member ouch just seeing prices!)

    These are right along the lines of what I was thinking of. The one I seem to remember looked like it had something that looked like an "FX" on the "work" section of it. I just always thought they looked neat and I was thinking of doing a little testing in the near future. Thanks for the leg work I couldn't seem to find them anywhere.
  6. I think the 1901 Ever-Ready is what I was thinking of...

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