Say hello to my newst baby/winter beater/outdoor weekend warrior

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors!' started by sparkchaser, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. I've wanted a Jeep for a very, very long time and when this one came along I could not say no since it was practically everything I was looking for and the price was definitely right.

    1994 Jeep Cherokee, Red, 4 door, Straight Six, 5 speed, tow package.

    She has her share of dents and dings but I think that adds to the character and I don't want something pristine that I plan on taking out camping.

    First order of business (after getting it regsitered and such) will be a bath followed by getting a new radio to repalce the cassette deck that is in it. Then a roof rack.

    Oh, and this thing shifts waaaaaaaaaay different than my BMW. I'll leave it at that.:biggrin:
  2. mark the shoeshine boy

    mark the shoeshine boy Moderator Emeritus

    it's a Jeep wouldn't understad...

    wanna a licencse plate frame from a brother BB guy from his dealership...Randy and I will both send you one...put one in front and one in back.....

    mark tssb
  3. Sure! I'll PM you my address.


    BTW, I joined 2 Jeep forums and I think I'm more confused than ever...
  4. Austin

    Austin Moderator Emeritus

    Why would Rob want to soil his new Jeep with your plate frame? Are you going to pay him to put it on a Jeep? :biggrin:

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