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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by boboakalfb, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. boboakalfb

    boboakalfb Moderator Emeritus

    I am curious if anyone has tried the Savon de Marseille with crushed flowers. The smell of the regular soap leaves something to be desired.

    With the addition of Lavender, Rose, Orange and Verbena it would definitely make a better experience when using the soaps to wash your face and so forth.

    It also provides another opportunity for layering as well...Lavender shave cube with Lavender cream...Rose shave cube with Rose cream.

    Has anyone tried these? If so, what is your take on them?

  2. Bob,

    I have yet to try the Savon de Marseille cubes, even though I have heard some good things about the soap and how some "prime" their brush with a soaked cube of SdM. I have tried "priming" my brush with a bar of Kiss My Face Olive Oil Soap and it does seem to add some lubricity and somewhat improve the texture of the lather. However, there are several wetshavers here who are very experienced with this technique and can add their opinions as to how this works.

    I have read some discussion here as to the comparison of the Savon de Marseille cube and the Enchante cube. No one seems to really know the difference in ingredients from what I have read, but many seem to agree it improves the quality of the shave to some degree.

    I have similar feelings to yours when it comes to the scent of the SdM pure olive oil soap, it leaves much to be desired. I am glad you posted because I had never seen the various fragrances as listed on that website. I love both rose and lavender in a shave cream, so I might be tempted to try one or both in the future. I would love to have some Lavender Savon de Marseille to use in conjunction with a pot of Castle Forbes Lavender cream I just received.

    To be quite honest, I am a bit underwhelmed by the performance of the Castle Forbes [I know I'll get some negative replies over that one].:w00t: My #1 favorite Lavender cream is D.R. Harris, followed by #2 Kiss My Face Lavender.
  3. Kyle

    Kyle Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    I had the orange scented soap at one time. I never tested it with a shave brush, but it was a very good soap for both body and face. Actually, we may still have some of it. I will have to do some digging around and see.
  4. Bob,
    A few months ago I bought the 4-pack of the soaps with crushed flowers for my wife. I was there when she opened the package and WOW! did they smell good. Seriously, the whole next week the bathroom smelled like a wonderful mixture of the scents. SWMBO has used the lavender and has really liked it but I have not tried to shave with it.
  5. Kyle

    Kyle Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    I did find our Orange soap. I will dink around with it today and report my findings.
  6. boboakalfb

    boboakalfb Moderator Emeritus

    Great...thanks Kyle. I figured if anything it would be a good soap as a facewash...
  7. Kyle

    Kyle Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    Sorry that it has taken me longer than desired to get back to you guys on this topic.

    I've toyed around with lathering the orange scented soap. It is not bad but doesn't create as slick of a lather. If I can remember to, I will actually shave-test it tomorrow (in conjunction with a cream).

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