Safety Razor of the Month - EJ/Muhle - July 2012 - Win a $25 Gift Certificate!

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    This month's featured safety razor will be Edwin Jagger and Muhle razors. Post pictures of your EJ and Muhle razors and you'll be entered to win one of two $25 gift certificates to the B&B supporting vendor of your choice!


    To start things off, here's a picture of my Muhle 2011 R41 head on an EJ Barley Chrome handle and the same head on an EJ Chrome Chatsworth handle. The latter is my favorite razor right now. I truly like the long handle of the Chatsworth.

  2. Oh yea
  3. I am not a great photographer, but I do really like my R89.

  4. Lined Chatsworth with EJ black badger brush and some other 'Made In England' goodies.

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  5. Oh NO,
    now there is competition, darn , and i was doing so good when i had the only picture up
  6. $IMG_20120704_190203.jpg

  7. Here's my squadron...

  8. Spot reserved for later

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    No need to reserve a spot. I'm not limiting the number of entries.
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  10. It was for me so I can quickly find the thread again later :)
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    The thread is stickied for your convenience.
  12. On the stand are r41 de89 r41 with some Sabi handles I also use 85g & 70g.
    Also 2 NIB EJ89Ls.
  13. So, we can submit more than one?
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    Yup. Post as many pictures as you'd like.
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  15. Mühle R89 (Fatip head) with Rudy Vey Simpson M7 homage brush.

  16. My twin R41 hammers with restored Ever Ready E300 brush and Becker scuttle.

  17. EJ Lined Chatsworth with restored Star brush and early pottery Old Spice mug.

  18. EJ Lined Chatsworth with restored Certifyd brush and Becker scuttle.

  19. My answer to the Joris razor: Mühle R89 Fatip head mounted to a BRW amboyna burl handle with a restored Rubberset brush.

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    Great pictures, ras120!

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