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  1. Having tried numerous types, I find I prefer Rye Whiskey (or whiskeys with a lot of rye in the mash bill)

    I guess like everyone else I started with Jack and Coke. Somehow I tried Turkey and Coke and liked it better but didn't know why. So Wild Turkey became my brand, and I started sipping it on the rocks.

    Only relatively recently did I hear that it had a lot of rye in the mash bill. So I tried Wild Turkey Rye and it was even better. So I am a rye man.

    I tried Bulleit Bourbon (with a lot of rye in the mash bill) and love it. I am looking for other types to try.

    It is easy to find brands that label themselves as "rye" but it is the others that may have a lot in the mash bill and not really advertise it that I am looking for information on.

    What about Green Label Jack Daniels and Evan Williams?

    Anything else worthy of a taste? Any websites that I should visit?
  2. If you can find it get a bottle of Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye.
  3. Ace,

    Here's a quick run down on the rye content in the mashbills of some of the major bourbon labels.

    Jack Daniels: 8%
    Early Times 354: 11%
    George Dickel: 12%
    Wild Turkey: 13%
    Heaven Hill Bourbons: 13% (includes Heaven Hill, JTS Brown, TW Samuels, Evan Williams, Elijah Craig, Henry McKenna, Ezra Brooks, Yellowstone)
    Very Old Barton: 15%
    Old Forester: 18%

    The highest confirmed rye numbers I have are for Four Roses. They have two separate mashbills. There will be a four digit code on most of their releases (except Yellow Label). If the code starts with "OE" it's 20% Rye. If it's "OB" it's 35% Rye. I would definitely recommend trying some Four Roses bourbon.

    I don't have specific information on the content of Buffalo Trace or Jim Beam bourbons but Buffalo Trace does have a "lower corn" mashbill they use for Ancient Age, Elmer T. Lee, Hancock, Blanton's Rock Hill Farms, Virginia Gentleman, and Bowman Single Barrel that I believe has relatively higher rye in the mashbill than their other bourbons.

    LDI bourbons like Bulliet, W.H. Harrison, and Redemption are all supposed to be "high" rye bourbons but I don't know how high that really is.

    As to whether or not they are worth trying. That's kind of a personal thing. I'd recommend trying them in a bar if you can rather than buying the whole bottle.

    I hope this helps.
  4. ^This is the best Rye I have ever had. It is VERY difficult to find however :(
  5. Ive found Templeton Rye to be very good if is available in your area. Sometimes it's hard to find so I'm not sure about their distribution.
  6. IMO, Sazerac 6-year old @$22.50 (in NJ) is a bargain for an everyday Rye. If you can afford it, their 18-year old is superb. Bulliet is also a good Rye.

    As for Bourbons, I use Evan Williams Black as my everyday bourbon. At $15.99 for 1L (in NJ) it's another bargain.
  7. I'm not sure if you can find it down your way, but I've grown quite fond of Forty Creek
  8. You are aware Buleit produces a 95% rye 90 proof whiskey? Have you tried that one? I bought a bottle on my birthday and I've been enjoying it since. :)
  9. Even on the cheap end, Rittenhouse and Old Overholt are both good ryes. Old Overholt runs like $10 a fifth near me, and it's not junk.
  10. I agree on the Old Overholt! It is good stuff.
  11. JM


    You might want to try Alberta Premium Canadian Rye if you can find it. It's %100 perfect rye.

    (Personally I think Canadian rye is nasty, that's why we mix it!)
  12. "Rye and Ginger" the drink of my youth! Ahh!
  13. One of my happier discoveries. It's $15.99 at Bevmo in California for 1.75 liter bottle. :)
  14. I love some Rittenhouse.
  15. I secured a bottle of Old Overholt. $13

    Will try it later and report.
  16. Since it's a fairly new, local distillery I doubt it's made its way down to Louisiana yet but one you'll definitely want to keep an eye out for is Catoctin Creek's Roundstone Rye whiskey. Very nice. My father's been a Manhattan fan for years and simply can't get enough of the stuff - absolutely loves it when I bring a bottle with me whenever I go back up to PA to visit him.

    I believe they are working on getting state approval for direct online sales, have already made it as far southwest as Tennessee, and can be indirectly purchased online through Schnieder's of Capitol Hill (www.cellar.com)(which also carries another rye from VA called Wasmunds (good, but not as good as Catoctin's IMHO).
  17. Templeton is distilled in Iowa and they produce very few bottles. Every store owner I've talked to says that their shipments of Templeton are usually sold out within 48 hours. In December they distributed 5,000 cases in Iowa and all were sold by the end of the week. It's only distributed in Iowa, Illinois, New York City, and San Fransisco. Definitely worth a try if you ever find it.
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  18. My next bottle will be this...pricey but there's something about Rye distilled in NY. I'd like to go on a distillery tour sometime also.

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  19. I tried most of their offerings at Whiskeyfest this year. Good stuff. If I recall everything is sourced or produced locally. It is a little spendy though considering the bottles are only 375ml.
  20. Definitely pricey. We are going on the tour with tastings next weekend. Looking forward to it. That way I can smile before purchasing.

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