Rubbing Alcohol?

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  1. Quick question. If I soak an adjustable razor in rubbing alcohol will this remove the paint off of the numbers etched on the adjuster?

  2. That depends on the paint that's in the numbers. Some paints are alcohol soluble and some are not. If you're talking about an old Gillette Slim or Fatboy, you should be fine. I've applied alcohol to mine many times and the paint is fine.
  3. Thanks for the info it's greatly appreciated. I recently picked up a slim and SA (short handle).
  4. Yeah, you'll be fine, no worries. Just don't scrub the numbers.
  5. I must be getting tired. I had to reread this thread a couple of times (and some eye rubs in between each attempt) to realize that you weren't saying paint BY numbers! LOL!

  6. Since the question was answered, thought I'd throw in my 2 cents. I just cleaned my razors using isopropyl. First, I used Scrubbing Bubbles, then hot H2O rinse, then soaked them for an hour in the alcohol. Man did that put a nice shine to them...they look brand new. These were mine, so there wasn't anything to funky on them, but I was really impressed with the way they shined up. Anyway, hope it doesn't take your paint off...maybe watch how long you throw them in for.

    (Note to Sledge..: I just popped on the Parker thread I believe you started...similar issue. Just noticed it was you)
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