Rooney Heritiage Stubby 2XL...pure awesome

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by Vlad, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. I can't believe I almost sold this brush. This is what brushes aspire to be, gents. This is crazy dense 2-band, making the backbone exceptional. It reminds me of fan-shape D01 2-band, but without that unbearable prickliness. There is a touch of scritch here, but it's acceptable.

    $2xl (1).jpg

    About to go to work on some Harris soap.

    $2xl (2).jpg

    After loading.

    $2xl (3).jpg

    Brush is "too dense", and does not want to give up the lather. Maybe with some more water.

    $2xl (4).jpg

    $2xl (5).jpg
  2. Don't destroy the whole puck, Stubby!

    $2xl (6).jpg

    Happy, Happy! :w00t:

    $2xl (7).jpg
  3. Nice Vlad!:thumbup: You were thinking of selling it? Can't believe it. Glad you're feeling better.

  4. Does it coat the nose and ears as well as the chubby? :lol:
  5. Oh yeah, I had lather all over!
  6. @ Vlad-

    Congrats on the discovery. Sadly, I think too often our impatience or non-observance does us a disservice.
  7. Mine sits on the shelf like a trophy wondering when/if its next turn is coming:001_smile
  8. "pure awesome" - I like that description, and couldn't agree more.
  9. maxman

    maxman Moderator Emeritus

    Looks like I will have to give mine a go now.
    It truly is a magnificent brush
  10. Vlad, which one happens to get more use, the 2XL or 3XL and do you happen to enjoy one a little more than the other?
  11. I might have to get a 2xl to go with my 3xl now..... :taz:
  12. Used mine this a.m. - great brush.
  13. I do enjoy the 3's got perfectly soft tips, is bigger, and not quite such strong backbone. I love big brushes. YMMV, though, and there is variation in badger hair even between these brushes of the same line.
  14. Where do I buy these Rooney brushes - online Euro stores preferably ?

    FYI Don't buy used brushes....never.....ever......will do so :001_smile
  15. jkh


    I purchased one of these from a fool nice guy this weekend on the B/S/T :tongue_sm I've got an XL1 and it is most excellent, but there just isn't enough of it. Hopefully, the larger XL2 knot will sate my brush hunger (yeah, right).
  16. yeah, judging by your video, you do like the big brushes (30mm+). i recently got a M&F 2XL (28mm) and can't imagine going bigger, but only time will tell.

    i am really enjoy the 2XL size, it's been great for face and scuttle (DB1.5) lathering.
  17. I have the same brush and it really is fantastic. I matched it up in the pics below against a recently acquired Duke 3 2-band and as you can see it is much denser (I think of it as Chubby dense). In spite of the more pronounced fan shape it delivers more backbone than the Simpson. I usually prefer the bigger brushes as well (the Chubby 3 over the 2) but I like this brush more than either of my 3XLs. This may be the only brush I own that hits my rotation every week.

    $IMG_1856.jpg $IMG_1858.jpg $IMG_1860.jpg
  18. The only place I have ever seen them is VintageBlades in the US.
  19. I love my Stubby 2XL. And my 3/1 Finest. And my 3/1 Super.

    Damn you Rooney!
  20. They sure are fantastic bruhes! i sold my 2XL to get the 1XL as it is the perfect size for face-lathering. Enjoy.

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